Friday, February 7, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Week 5

First, I want thank you all for your sweet excitement over our big news!! Matt and I are so looking forward to this next stage of life. And Tally... well, he doesn't really know what's comin', but he'll adjust eventually. ;) So thank you for all of your sweet comments and posts on here and on FB and IG! Y'all's reactions made "putting in out there" even more fun than we thought it was going to be. :)

Day 29: Walking to the grocery store during the ice storm since neither one of us could free our cars from their drop spots. Ingredients for tomato basil soup were crucial! ;)
DAy 30: Neighbor dinner date at "Hagan's parents" house. ;) We're so thankful for sweet neighbors!
Day 31: These two are best buddies. Hagan lives next door to us and plays with Tally everyday. Saturday, we decided to take them both to the park. We we got home, they napped together on the kitchen floor. They're seriously so cute- maybe they're not buddies; maybe it's a doggy crush.

Day 32: Sleepover with our nephew, Jackson! 

Day 33: Super Bowl at Tanner and Caroline's- We made appetizers to feed 12... for the 4 of us. It was amazing. My contributions were stuffed pizza rolls, beer dip, and Velveeta & Rotel dip. YUM!

Day 34: Tally got a surprise visit from Jackson while Matt and I were at work. He loves his buddy Jackson. My sis-in-law said they took turns getting in and out of the firepit in our backyard. Jackson kept saying, "Come on, Ta-Yee- get in!" Sweetness.

Day 35: Love getting fun goodies in the mail! The stress relief scent is my FAVE! I'm giving away the candle in the Valentine product giveaway. You can enter to win it and over $200 worth of other products here!

That's about it for week five! I am so thankful it's Friday- these 5-day work weeks are no joke! ;)

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  1. i love that you walked to the store together and didn't let the storm stand in your way! i love following your IG...your photos always make me smile! <3 i love that stress relief line...i have a few things...their candle is awesome and i feel like it really works in de-stressin' ya! xoxox