Friday, October 20, 2017

Emily Merritt, 4 Months

This sweet girl is 4 months old already!

It has been so fun seeing Emily's little personality come out this month. She is the happiest little baby! She flashes a fast, wide-open smile when she makes eye contact with you and lets out the cutest deep-voice giggle when you blow raspberries on her neck and belly.

4 Month Stats:
12lbs 7oz

She is the tiniest little peanut! She lands in the 15% for both height and weight. She's even smaller than Natalie, and we thought she was little! She just moved out of newborn diapers last week and is still wearing 3 month pjs. For reference, Ryan at 6 months was wearing 18 month pjs!

This month, we introduced Emily to the bumbo seat and exersaucer, and she is a big fan of both. She loves being able to sit up and watch what is going on around her. She loves watching her siblings play and has become very curious about Tally recently.

She has also started playing with toys and likes trying to grasp them and bring them to her mouth. She is changing so much! Ryan and Natalie are especially enjoying seeing her "do" more things. Ryan already talks to her like she's Natalie's age- I tell you that boy was meant to be a big brother. He's most definitely as sweet as they come. And Natalie has become quite the little mama. She loves rocking Emily's carseat (often resembling a roller coaster ride before I help her slow it down), giving her her paci, and helping give her bottle and change her diaper. It has been so sweet seeing the three of them interact! :)

First bath with her brother and sister!

Snuggles with her cousin, Noah :)

First beach trip!

First field trip since mommy forgot it was field trip day when we were heading to school that day ;)
Tummy sleeper like her brother

First Clemson trip!

Big sister helping with the bottle on our Clemson weekend

Reading with daddy before bed :)

Making milkshakes with daddy!

First time in the excersaucer!

We couldn't love you more, sweet Emily!