Monday, June 25, 2012

Cruise Day 4: Athens, Greece!

This was our favorite day of the cruise! We were both pretty excited about seeing Athens, and I was especially excited about seeing the Acropolis and the Parthenon because it's part of the curriculum I teach my third graders (okay, and because I'm a nerd).

This picture makes me laugh. I feel like it looks like we're out late dancing in one of the clubs on the ship, when actually we were a tad over eager to get the day started- so we were up, ready, had breakfast, and were at the stairs ready to leave by 6:45... haha, quite the opposite of a late-night dance party. Oh, and the gate wasn't even ready yet so we had to wait at the top of the stairs while they got the exit ramps set up. WE ARE OLD.

Making our way to the train station!

At the base of the Acropolis. I'm trying to point to the Parthenon in the top left corner.

Making the climb to the top- which was actually much easier than it looked from the bottom!

The entry to the Acopolis!

So pretty!

The flag of Greece- if only there was a breeze...

An Olive Tree!

The Acropolis Museum

The floor was over ancient ruins. Very cool!

Now I'm forgetting who this temple was built for, but we walked here after the museum.

The architecture is really incredible- and HUGE!

The Parthenon is through the archway in the back middle- I'm trying to point to it, but I'm a little small in this picture. :)

Back on the boat, we enjoyed another Johnny Rockets lunch and some long pool time before heading to our 9:00 dinner reservation. Our regular dinner time was 6:00, so it was nice to have more time to relax this day.

That day's view from our lunch spot. Beautiful!

For dinner that night, we ate at Portofino's, one of the specialty restaurants. This was the Italian themed restaurant. I could have eaten an entire bucketful of their minestrone soup. YUM! Everything was SO good! And the view was so pretty!