Friday, June 8, 2012

This week in pictures (well, and words)

The firepit is complete!

All we're missing is the fire... 

Me, my momma, and my sister

Don and Benito stopped by to do a few things for us around the house, and I caught them enjoying lunch in the new chairs!  haha- love these guys!

This is a pic from Mother's Day that was just sent to me- sweet family pic with lil Jackson!

We put a fan in the bedroom! I loved the chandelier, but this will be much cooler for the summer.

I told Matt it will look SO good with the future bedroom furniture! ... don't you think?! ;) That's one of the remaining big purchases on the To-Do List I keep this picture in a drawer by our bed and pull it out when I want to feel giddy about what the room will look like with furniture. haha..... oh the things I should not admit....

We moved the chandelier to the office/future-baby-room. I've always loved chandeliers in nurseries, so this worked out well! (P.S. No, I'm not pregnant- just borderline crazy when it comes to planning ahead prepared. :)

Fresh flowers on the table make me happy- even if they're leftover from a baby shower- I'd be quite content to have fresh flowers on this table every day of the year. Hubby? Are you reading this?! ;)


Laura's Shower


Matt and I decided to get a timer for the sprinklers so that the grass can still be watered when we're not home this summer. Setting it up was interesting and hilarious. We serioiusly looked like two grown adults playing in the sprinkler. Really, we were just trying to figure out whether the water was getting all parts of the yard, but we were getting soaked and cracking up in the process.

During the summers, Andrea and I have a routine that involves coffee time, Today Show, pool, repeat. Just about every day of the summer. This year, our friend Steph will be able to join us too a couple times a week since she is now working part-time!

Stroller is ready for miss Teagan!

On Wednesday, the weather was not ideal, so after coffee and the Today Show, we decided to head out for a 'lil mani/pedi instead. ;)

Wednesday night, my sister and her husband came over and we all went to dinner at Season's 52 and then headed over to a little Irish Pub called Fado afterward. 

On Thursday, I got to Andrea's around 8:30 and was there until 11:30 that night. Ha! We had our usual routine during the day- coffee, Today Show, pool- and then the boys came and joined us that night for a cookout, along with our friends Danny and Angela.
Matt and Patrick setting up the outdoor space- such sweet hubbies :)

Dre and I shucking the corn for the grill- it's really not as exciting as my face would lead you to believe... someone made me laugh right before the picture (surprise, surprise). haha

Angela and Andrea and there adorable pregnant selves- Love these two!

Andrea testing the camera as I talk with my hands. Don't know that I could carry on a conversation without them.

Homemade strawberry ice-cream thanks to Dre! Yum!


  1. Love it...I'll be having withdrawals next week. We should shoot for 5/5 days the week you get back! :)

  2. ill pretend like i am not annoyed by this post :)

  3. heather, this post made me smile :) so many wonderful memories in the past week!
    i love the photo of you, your mom, and all are beautiful and look so much alike!
    i LOVE seasons 52...aren't those mini desserts the best?!
    pool days/coffee/manis and pedis...sounds like heaven to me!
    glad you're enjoying the start of summer!! <3

    thank you for all your sweet words!
    have another fantastic week!

  4. Well, that's a week full of awesome. The fire pit looks great! We love Fado. Have you all been to Old Blind Dog in the new Brookhaven Shopping center yet? Not sure where you all in relation to Brookhaven, but as far as Irish Pubs go, this one has amazing food (and of course good Irish Pub drinks).

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    P.S., Glad you're taking advantage of this summer break! :)

  5. I have pictures of dream rooms in my bedside table too, glad I am not the only one!

    p.s. I have passed a bloggy award to you today at my place:)

  6. What a fun filled week you had! And you and your sister get your pretty looks from your mama!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Love all the pictures! Looks like you've been busy!