Friday, February 25, 2011

Need a Contractor?

Don Goff: 770-369-6336

Let me start by saying we gain nothing from telling you how amazing our contractor was for us. He just deserves to be advertised!

We have been in the house for almost a week now, and every day we think to ourselves or say out loud how thankful we are to have found someone like Don Goff.  Don is the contractor who gets all the credit for our house.  Literally, we would not have even purchased it if it were not for him, which is why we want to tell everyone about how wonderful he is!

Don works extremely hard and is excellent at what he does.  He was so attentive throughout the entire process and made us feel like he was just taking care of us.  We knew so little about renovating, and probably asked LOTS of questions! ...but Don never hesitated to answer every last one.  He explained things well and did far more for us than we expected.  We were so lucky to find him!  So if you have ANY job that you need done at your house, big or small, call Don Goff!

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