Monday, September 18, 2017

County Fair and a Life Update

Yesterday, we took our crew to their first fair!

Matt's always great about looking for fun activities to do on the weekends, so Sunday morning before we all got ready for church, he came across a post about the Gwinnett County Fair and we jumped at it!

My family grew up going to the Jersey Shore Boardwalk, and every summer when we were visiting my aunt and uncle, we would take at least one trip to the boardwalk to ride all of the rides. Those trips are some my favorite memories from childhood.

On our way into church, we called Nonna and Papa to see if they would want to meet us, and they said yes without hesitating. Love their willingness to do last-minute fun things with us!

Not sure what I was doing here?! But a sweet pic of Natalie and her Papa!

Big smiles for Nonna!

Sweet Natalie had about a two minute max window for a ride to start moving before she got upset- hah! Girlfriend inherited her mama's patience.

She was so serious on all of the rides! I have to say, unexpected sense of caution from this little lady. 😜

Sweet loves- soooo tired and hot! 😂

Not sure how I ended up with two.

Heyyyy from the top! The "Bun House" was Ryan's favorite!

First funnel cake was a hit!

We had such a good time and the kids did SO well when it was time to leave! We were super proud of them for ending so well and thankful for sweet Emily who just hung right along the whole time!

Quick Life Update:

Life lately.

You are fun and you are FULL.

There are so many times that I've sat down to share some highlights from our day-to-day, and then someone gets up early from nap, or wakes up early to start the day, or is up during the night making it hard to get myself up in time to write a post before the rest of our day starts.

But what I notice for sure is that we are definitely getting into a groove as a family of 5 and it feels so fun. I may not have "my time" back yet, or feel like I have great control of what our day-to-day will look like every day, but we are certainly figuring out routines, getting out the door faster, getting more stretches of everyone being asleep all night and at the same time during the day (an overlapping nap time, even when it's short, is a beautiful thing!), and most importantly just enjoying this stage.

Tomorrow marks 3 months since Sweet Emily joined our family. The fogs of change are clearing and our new normal is feeling really good.

I have a big goal this week to get 2 more posts out before we head to the beach for a week (we welcome all prayers for that car ride 😜). So hopefully you'll be hearing from me again real soon!

Thanks for all of the sweet words on Instagram and Facebook and here when I've taken the time to post! I look forward to being back into a blogging routine again hopefully one day real soon!


Friday, September 1, 2017

Emily Merritt- 2 Months

Two Month Stats:
10lbs 3oz
21 3/4in

Sweet Emily is 2 months old!

She is the snuggliest little love who is really starting to observe people and objects around her.

I love the way she moves her head like a little robot to look around when I hold her on my lap. And when she makes eye contact with one of us, she lets out the biggest smile that happens so fast. She gives a little smirk that's a sign that a smile is coming and then flashes her wide, happy smile and sometimes even gives a coo! Ryan just loves it, and Natalie gives the cutest smile right back when Emily smiles at her. :)

She is doing a great job with contented wake time and enjoys laying in her nap nanny and looking around. Occasionally she needs a little help transitioning from wake time to nap time, but overall, she is doing so well with her eat-wake-sleep routine and spreading out her feeds!

She is giving great stretches at night as well and has slept through the night several times already- sweet love! Some nights, I'll have to run into her room a few times to slip her the paci, but most of the time that's all she wants in order to fall back asleep. She seems to do her best all-night, uninterrupted stretches when she's swaddled in the miracle blanket, but I'm hesitant to use it every night because I don't want the swaddle-breaking process to be too hard on her! That's probably silly though because uninterrupted sleep (for both of us) is a beautiful thing! 

During wake time, she loves to look at the light above our kitchen table and any fans. Funny enough, she does not seem to be a big fan of the Mamaroo swing, which Ryan and Natalie both loved. 

She also loves her bath time, which Matt does with her most nights while I read to Ryan and Natalie. He loves that time with his littlest girl!

Here are a few pictures from her last month:

She's gotten so many snuggles with Aunt Gigi this month!
And sweet Noah- I love the way she is looking at him in this pic and the grin on his face. Such a big boy and sweet cousin!

First grocery run- coincidentally this was taken on the wine aisle. 😂

Snuggles with Sweet T!
When we were visiting my parents in Monroe, my niece Graham gave Emily her bottle...
...and Noah gave her her bath! Sweet girl has a lot of people who love to love on her!

Snuggles with her cousins :)
I had to set Emily down in the middle of the counter at Aunt KK's house while I helped make lunches, and she fell asleep!

She looks so different to me in every picture- here I see a lot of the Nelsen side and think she resembles her cousins, Jackson and Riley!

We're so glad she's ours! We love you, Emily!