Thursday, October 23, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Weeks 41 & 42

Here's a look at what we've been up to for the past couple of weeks!

Day 281: We love spending time with Nonna and Papa!...

Day 282: ...We don't love driving in the car- poor boo. Yes, this is us pulled over in what I later realized was a weave shop parking lot during rush hour traffic so I could swing the little buddy to sleep. Ahhh, memories.

Day 283: #manboobs this little squish!

Day 284: We love lazy football Saturdays around here.

Day 285: Playtime that usually involves a stolen sock if I'm not looking (or even if I am) and then a guilty face. Ryan is clearly unfazed. ;)

Day 286: One of our former UpStreet girls from church came by to see us with her mom one morning while she was on Fall Break. Sweet Ava was just under three years old when we became her small group leaders, and now she's in third grade! So grown up and the sweetest girl.

Day 287: Sweet Noah gave Ryan this bear (it was his bear that he slept with every night up until he decided to let Ryan keep it!) when we went on our Tennessee trip. And now Ryan snuggles with it every time he is in his carrier. Sweet sweet.

Day 288: Pre- and post- visit to my school to see former students and friends...

...I think he got a little over-stimulated. ;)

Day 289: I caught myself saying the words, "Tally, that was one of your Christmas presents!" I immediately started laughing at myself and Matt laughed at me (us really) too. We're crazy. So yes, we buy Christmas presents for our dog (in October), fill a stocking for him, and give them his pile of toys on Christmas morning. Nuts I tell you. ;)

Day 290: Last Friday, I met my friends Stacey and her super sweet boy Brayden (he's 7 weeks older than Ryan- such a cutie!) at the new Buckhead Atlanta that recently opened. I still think Streets of Buckhead is much cooler sounding, but apparently the people who got to make the decision didn't. We ate at a delish restaurant called Thirteen Pies- a pizza and pasta place, my fave. We will definitely be going back with Matt- it was SO good!

Day 291: Fully engrossed in his dad's tennis match ;)

Day 292: The state of our kitchen/dining area on Sunday afternoon- this was one of my #banperfection pictures that I posted about here.

Day 293: Love my boys :)

Day 294: I loved getting to meet Courtney Defeo at MOPS this week! She recently published a new book called In this House We Will Giggle. The premise of the book is instilling virtues in our kids with more laughing and less lecturing. Sounds interesting, right?! You can check it out here- I am starting it this week! She was such a great speaker- very real and super humble. If you read her blog, you know that she's also super creative and shares the Lord with her kids in the most practical ways, which she also shares in her book. I am definitely looking forward to reading it, if you can't tell. ;)

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Crispy Cod Fish Tacos

These were so easy and delicious! I have a similar recipe (found here) that I make in the skillet, but I think I like these even more! I found these frozen sweet peppers at Trader Joe's that are already diced which saves a lot of time on an already quick recipe. We will definitely be making these again soon!

3 frozen Cod filets (I buy these from Trader Joe's)
2T Olive Oil
1/2 sweet onion, cut julienne style
Diced frozen sweet peppers (I buy these from Trader Joe's)
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 can rotel with cilantro and lime
Monterey Jack cheese, shredded

Preheat oven to 400. Bake filets for 10 minutes of each side. While fish is baking, saute onions, peppers and garlic in olive oil. Add in rotel. Simmer for 3-5 more minutes. When fish is finished, cut into strips. Heat tortillas in the microwave or on broil in the oven if you like them a little crispy. Layer fish and pepper/onion mixture on each tortilla and cover with shredded cheese and any other toppings you like (lettuce, sour cream, etc.).

That's it! This recipe makes 5 full tacos. Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

The non-highlight reel #banperfection

Matt has always referred to social media as an opportunity for people to show the highlight reels of their lives.

Whenever I'm having a jealous moment (look at where they just traveled to, what she just bought, what their family does for fun...), Matt reminds me of the highlight reel.

It's true. And we're no different really. Our #nelsendays2014 photos show the moments I want to remember- the funny moments, the sweet moments, the picture-worthy moments. For me, taking a daily photo to chronicle our year is for one day looking back and remembering the simple moments of this stage we're in. Of course I have days that are less than ideal and moments that would be better started over or just skipped over completely, but do I want to look back on this stage and remember those times? Nope not really!

When I was little, I used to journal every night before going to bed. I have over 10 years of my life documented- sometimes what I was praying for or planning for, but mostly a response to what happened during my day. The crazy thing is that I never wrote about the bad parts of my day. For me, I just wanted to one day look back and remember the good parts of my days. And writing about the good parts, even on days when there were things that happened that weren't good, made me focus on the positive of each day. I also used to make myself smile into a mirror when I got down because it was hard to stay mad when you made yourself smile- strange kid, huh?! 

But that being said, I think there definitely is something to letting people see the real reel, if you will. Those moments that are less than ideal during our days.

So when Samantha emailed me to ask if I would participate in her #banperfection project, I told her I would be happy to.

Let me real quick interject that I feel like there's a fine line between sharing your less-than-ideal moments and airing out too much of your dirty laundry, or trying too hard to "be real" to elicit a response. (Was that harsh?)

But I do love the idea of sharing my not-so-perfect self and especially seeing other people's not-so-perfect selves because it makes me feel better. ;)

SO- here are a few of our less-than-ideal moments from the past couple of weeks:

I posted this on instagram a couple of weeks ago- a sweet pic of my little man peacefully enjoying a trip to the mall with his mama. Thirty minutes later, he had an all-out melt down while I was checking out at Banana. One that evoked more than one person in line (cashier included) to ask me what I thought he needed (translation- "Can you do something to make it stop?"). I refrained from answering with, "He needs you to check me out faster so that he can eat..." (one hour earlier than he should have, mind you)
Walking through the grocery store the other day, I kept thinking that the place smelled a little off. It wasn't until I saw my reflection in my car door that I realized the odor was me. Well, Ryan, but in turn, me. The little guy had somehow managed to silently poo through his diaper, his outfit (and therefore my outfit) and the wrap. Awesome.

Pre- and post- clicking in the car seat base in the car. Sweet boo.

Pit stop on our drive home: Ryan doesn't mind falling asleep his carrier as long as he is vigorously swayed back and forth in it while he dozes... since that's possible while I'm driving. ;)

And lastly, what our house looks like right this very minute:

I'm not sure if I count it as victory or defeat that I am now willing to let things go a little. Sometimes it's easier to do one big clean than keep it tidy all day/week long.

You can share your less-than-perfect moments (you know you want to ;) ) on social media using hashtag #banperfection.

To check out other #banperfection posts, visit Samantha's blog here.


Friday, October 17, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Weeks 39 & 40

It's been a busy but fun couple of weeks. Our days have been going by so quickly. I feel like Ryan will be heading off to kindergarten before I know it... time is just flying by!

And on that note, in the past two weeks I crossed out out of the 20s and into the 30s- still so weird to say I'm 30. Wasn't I just 18?! I'm excited for what this decade (?) holds (not sure I've ever viewed my life in decades until right now). It really feels like we're at the beginning of a fun new stage... a new journey of parenthood and all the craziness that comes along with it. And I have to say I'm pretty pumped for it.

Here's a look at what we've been up to lately!

Day 267: my boys ;)

My attempt at multi-tasking

Day 268: Celebrating the big 3-0. A playdate with Andrea, Reynolds and Teagan, coffee and flowers from Matt (and a super fun surprise of a massage and reservations at a cooking class in the near future!), Tal being Tal, and takeout for dinner. My 30's aren't gonna be so bad. :)

Day 269: Tally's favorite pastime- stopping every few feet to enjoy the breeze and take a breather on our walks. 

Day 270: Sweet Jackson helping me blow out my birthday candles and snuggling with Ryan! Can't wait for these boys to play together. :)

The first Taco Soup of Fall! New recipe here.

Day 271: Worn out after his 2 month photo shoot ;)

Day 272: My hope is that if he shops with me often enough now, mall dates with his mama will just feel natural when he's older. :)

Day 273: 2 month checkup and shots :( and Matt came for moral support- for me, not for Ryan ;) Ryan was a champ!

After our doctor's visit, we did a little shopping with Nonna. Love this little Newsies baby! :)

Day 274:

Day 275:

Day 276: Evening walk with my boys

Day 277: Game day in a house were "we've" decided that Matt gets the boys and I get the girls...

...but he is pretty cute in his Florida State sweats. :)

Day 278: Walkin at the park

a close up of this sweet little thumb sucker and what he looks like all wrapped up in the Solly Baby wrap. I wrote about it and other products I love for this age here.

Day 279: Pretend like all of our kids are lined up on the couch smiling at the camera... because that's what we were going for. #playdatereality (how do those people get those pictures to work?!!)

Day 280: Some days, you just wanna sleep on your mama. :)

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