Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share some of my current favorites, so here goes!

Tally's Trainer

We had a trainer come to our house last weekend to work with Tally on some household behaviors and walking with our stroller(s) 😂, and in 2 hours she helped us accomplish SO much! We still have some work to do on training other people about what to do and not to do when they walk in our house, but we have seen major improvements in our family this week with how he greets us when we get home, giving us space when we're on the floor playing with the kids, staying on his bed while we eat dinner, and walking next to me on our walks instead of leading the stroller. 

The funniest thing is that Matt and I were finding so many parallels to raising kids when she was teaching us how to respond with Tally, and we also laughed at some of her seemingly common-sense solutions to the issues we were having. We wish we had her over sooner than just last weekend!

If you are in the Atlanta area (she actually lives in Madison, GA), and are looking for a great dog trainer, I highly recommend Susan! Just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to share her info with you. :)

Milkful Bars
(found here)
If you follow us on Instagram, you have seen me post a lot about these lately. These lactation bars are so tasty and really do work! Right around 3 months (Emily's current age) is where I started having trouble with my milk supply with Natalie. Now having three kids, there are days when I realize I haven't had as much water to drink or eaten as much as I should in between feeds to make sure my milk is fatty and I'm producing enough of it. But these bars are so easy to grab and eat in the car or in between feeds when I know I won't have time to make a snack.

The other morning, after feeding Emily first thing when I woke her up, I pumped an additional 7 ounces! So if you're a busy nursing mom like me or are having trouble with inconsistency in your supply, you should definitely gives these bars a try!

Use code BAHEATHER10 to receive 10% off our order. :)

Bento Lunch Box 
(found here)
Ryan has been in preschool for a month now, and these little lunch box organizers have been the BEST! Everything that he eats for his lunch goes in this little container and then sits on top of two of these flat ice packs in his lunch box. There are plenty of bento box options on Amazon, but these are only $13.95 for FOUR! They are a thicker plastic and have held up well in the dishwasher. I usually pack his lunches for the week and then have an extra one left over for Natalie and I to use if we're picnicking for lunch.

Ryan's first day of school lunch :)

Most comfy pajamas

I realize it will be getting cooler soon, but I bought these pajamas from Target 2 months ago, and Matt recently told me I've gotten a good return on my investment on them. 😆😂 And by investment, we're talking under $20. They are SO soft and come in four different color options as well.

Old Navy Athleisure
Any given week, I would say I'm rocking the athleisure look 5/7 days. And on most of those days, I at least get some sort of a workout in to justify it. 😜 Here are few of my current favorite purchases:
Mid-rise compression leggings 
(found here)
I love Old Navy's compression leggings. They fit tight but are comfortable. Especially great for my current post-baby state where things aren't quite back to where I'd like for them to be. 😜

Go-Dry Strappy-Back Tank 
(found here)
This top comes in several colors and fits comfortably. It does seem to run a little bigger than their other workout tops though so I would size-down, but I like how it's looser about the mid-section and also like the look of the back.

High rise compression leggings 
(found here)
These are fun, comfortable, and that compression style that I currently love.

And all of Old Navy online is 30% off today!

Maple Holistics Shampoo
(found here)

I was recently sent a bottle of this Tea Tree Oil shampoo to try. I used it on myself and Ryan and Natalie, and even Ryan commented on how good it smelled when I was washing his hair. You can read more about the product here. They also have several other products for you to check out as well with free shipping on orders over $25. And you can click here for a free sample!

Light-up Mirror for Car
(found here)
We bought this mirror when Ryan was a baby, used it with Natalie, and just last week, switched it over to Emily's side. It plays soft music and lights up like little stars timed to the music. And it obviously serves as a regular mirror when it's off so you can see your rear-facing kiddos while your driving. We have loved this little mirror!

Tomorrow we head to the beach with my family for a week! It will be our first vacation as a family of 5 and we can't wait!

Happy Friday, y'all!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Emily Merritt - 3 Months

This sweet girl turned 3 months on Sunday!

She is such a sweet baby. 

This month she has really started to show her personality and reminds us so much of Ryan as a baby.

She loves books just like he did and will actually follow along with her eyes as we turn the pages.

She likes to sleep on her tummy and will scoot her little knees up so that her bottom pokes up. She also takes a few minutes to get comfortable before falling asleep, moving her head from side to side and wiggling her legs and arms around until they're just right for sleeping. It is the cutest.

She likes her paci when she's falling asleep but doesn't seem to want or need it otherwise.

She loves looking around and really likes being on her play mat and bug chair (play seat). If she's not being held, she likes to be able to see us. A people person already I think. ;)

Her hair sticks straight up just like Natalie's did, and Emily's sometimes comes together like a little point on top of her head. It is pretty cute. :)

She started rolling over this month, around 10 weeks! She has a strong little neck and whips her leg over to go from her belly to back.

She has crushed her sleeping and eating routine. On days when things get thrown off (because- life), she jumps right back into routine the next day and sleeps well at night.

She enjoys getting a bottle before bed around 7:30 and then likes to stay awake for about 30 minutes to get out her burps and look around before crashing for the night. Sweet love sleeps until 7:00 when I wake her up. On occasion she'll have a night where she needs me to give her a paci several times or help her get comfortable, and will occasionally be awake and ready to eat before 7:00 in the morning, but most nights she sleeps soundly, and most mornings I am waking her up to start her day.

She is a snuggler. She likes to be held upright with her head against our chests. If she has a tummy ache, holding her like this or wearing her in the Solly wrap while walking outside helps her calm down and feel better.

Her smiles and coos are the best. Her whole face lights up with her eyes catch ours, and her little coo almost sounds like a giggle.

We are so crazy about her and couldn't love her more.

We can't wait to watch you grow, Sweet Emily!

She had her first morning in Waumba Land at church this month and did great! Mr. Brian used to always hold Natalie like this too while she slept. :)

Our go-with-the-flow baby back there. :)