Thursday, July 5, 2018

Whole30 Take Aways + Favorite Recipes

We are officially Whole30 finishers!

The bad news was that on our very last night, we had a water heater flood part of our basement and had to call in an emergency plumber and water removal company who worked until around 2am.

But the good news was:

Haha! It hit us both as we started to get hungry again that we could eat whatever the heck we wanted! We were like kids whose parents let them stay up late and raid the pantry and fridge.

Okay, we actually only had wine and ice cream, but man did it feel like freedom!

But funny enough, the ice cream did not taste all that great! And this is my favorite Publix Chocolate Trinity that I ate a coffee mug full of every. single. night. #embarassingconfession

And then the next morning, when I went to put coffee creamer in my coffee (which I was super excited about btw), I cut it with the Nutpods creamer because it was too sweet! Whoa.

Praise the Lord the wine tasted good, because that could have been devastating.

Yesterday, we had some friends over for the 4th and definitely enjoyed having the freedom to eat whatever we wanted, but I found myself not wanting as much of the bread/chips/dips/pizza and actually wanting to fill up more on the salads and meat.

This was pretty much revolutionary.

One of the biggest things Matt and I learned from doing Whole30 was a new kind of "full" feeling. The first week, and especially the first few days, I felt like I was hungry all of the time. But I soon learned that the full feeling I was used to, was really a bloated feeling from bread and cheese and other similar foods that are not necessarily unhealthy, but create a stuffed feeling when I finish them.

I felt very aware yesterday of not wanting to have that stuffed feeling. I got so used to feeling a good-kind-of-full for 30 days- where my body had actually eaten enough but didn't feel uncomfortable after eating.

Going forward, I am super thankful for the flexibility we'll have in being able to eat what we want and not having to cook separate meals in the instances when we are out to eat somewhere with our kids, but I will most definitely continue to choose the higher protein, leaner and cleaner path to feeling full whenever I can. It just feels better.

Below is a list of our favorite Whole30 meals that we will continue to make. Whole30 or not, these meals are just GOOD.

Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili
image from The Real Food Dietitians

Taco Bowls
Recipe here

Whole30 Beef Stir Fry 
(recipe here)

Sheperd's Pie 
recipe here from The Real Food Dietitians

Date and Shallot Rosemary Chicken
recipe here from paleOMG
photo from paleOMG

Salmon with Avocado Salsa
recipe here from The Cookie Rookie
photo from The Cookie Rookie

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
recipe here from The Real Food Dieticians
photo from The Real Food Dieticians

Southwest Turkey Stuffed Peppers
recipe here from The Real Food Dietitians
photo from The Real Food Dieticians

We also got to where we loved having salad every day for lunch. A few of our favorite meat toppings were leftover salmon from the salmon with avocado salsa recipe above, buffalo chicken from the slow cooker recipe above, or grilled chicken marinated with the ingredients from the rosemary, date and shallot recipe above.

Our goal going into Whole30 was to learn cleaner ways to eat foods we already loved and to learn how to better read labels on the foods were buying so we could find good-tasting alternatives to some of our favorite snacks and foods. We absolutely learned these things and more. I feel like our bodies are set to crave healthier, cleaner foods now, and less of the carbs and sugars we ate without thinking about before.

We also really liked the empowering feeling of sticking with something for 30 days, even when our bodies or minds were feeling like taking the easy route and eating something convenient and non-Whole30. It got us thinking about other 30-day goals we want to create for ourselves.

And while I don't think we'll ever do the whole 30 days of Whole30 again, I think we'll definitely do a Whole7 after holidays or vacations when we feel like our bodies and minds need a quick, healthy reset. But who knows, maybe we won't even want to go back to those days of binging on all the not-great-for-us things? I guess we'll find out.

Thanks for following along with our journey on here and on Instagram! No more pictures of what I'm eating for lunch on my IG stories, but if I come across a new really great recipe, I'll share. ;)


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