Saturday, February 5, 2011

The transformation... (if you haven't read the first post, start there :) )

Needless to say, there are LOTS of pictures of the in-between process.  I'll do my best to summarize! Later, I'll post more pictures of the kitchen and bathrooms, which had the biggest transformations.

 Tearing out the wall between the kitchen and dining room...

 The kitchen gutted

The initial gutting of the master bath... this is the view looking into the bathroom from the bedroom.  Since then, we closed off the second entryway on the left  to give more wall space in the bedroom.

One of my favorite parts- the archway into the kitchen! :)  The space to the left of the archway was the original entryway into the kitchen (coming from the "dining" area).  The archway was a wall, so when you walked in the front door, all you could see was the living room.  You had to walk into the dining room to get to the kitchen. Now when you walk in the front door, you see straight into the kitchen.

The wood panelling in the master bedroom was replaced with added insulation and drywall.

The master bathroom

Us with the Dons... one of our many post-workday visits :)
Don Goff is our main contractor (the one standing next to me).  He hired the other Don to help with all of the demo work in the beginning.

Building the exterior storage closet off of the master bedroom

Laying hardwoods in the kitchen... we were really excited to find that the entire house had hard woods except for the kitchen and master bedroom.  They were able to match the original hardwoods for this room; for the master, we decided to go with carpet.

Kitchen after knocking out the wall adding drywall

Building the closet for the guest bedroom that was once the dining area 

The floors after being sanded... amazing that these were covered in carpet throughout the entire house! 

The pantry that was added for the kitchen

The master bathroom starting to take shape!

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! The house looks great! Can't wait to see it in person!