Our Story

Matt and I met when we were sophomores in high school and got to know each other better through one of the clubs we were both a part of-FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). We started dating our junior year, and as cheesy as it sounds, I knew I wanted to marry him then. Even though we grew up a lot through the rest of high school and college, God continued to move our lives in the same direction. After six years of dating, we got married on November 17, 2007. After five year of marriage, we started trying for a family, and a few months before our 7 year wedding anniversary, we welcomed our first baby boy into the world. There's not a better person for me in this world, so I'm thankful we met as young as we did and can't wait to see what God has in store for our future.

Here are some old pictures from scrapbooks. . . clearly, we're so much cooler now. ;)

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