Monday, November 30, 2015

November's Favorite Finds

We got our tree! It's the best tree we've ever had and it was the first one we saw. Quick and easy! Ryan had way more fun than this picture shows. ;) 

And speaking of Ryan, his little outfit is another favorite for this month
I bought his shoes on Amazon when they were $12.50! The prices on Amazon change daily, so it's worth checking on occasion!

Our family pictures have been so much fun to look back over this week as I finalized and ordered our Christmas cards. And in case you haven't ordered yours yet, Shutterfly is running a great Cyber Monday sale!
Shutterfly Free Stuff

How cute are the Publix Santa and Mrs. Claus salt & pepper shakers?!
They are $5.99 and so stinkin' cute!

You guys. If you drink Starbucks at all during the Christmas Season, I'm sure you have tried the Peppermint Mocha, but let me tell you what you really need to try- the Peppermint WHITE Mocha. Good gracious. You will thank me.

I read this book this month and LOVED it! It was so, so good. I felt so attached to all of the characters when I finished it. Trust me, if I was wanting to read at the end of each day this month, with Ryan's many sleepless nights and early mornings as he was fighting off his cold, than the book was definitely a good one! You can check it out here.


My next Favorite Find is friends who help you avoid taking your baby to the ER. 

We had an interested night last night, to say the least.

Not too long after I shared this picture on Instagram, the three of us starting decorating the tree with ornaments and wouldn't you know the FIRST ornament Ryan picked up somehow- in a matter of seconds- hit the table, broke, and cute the tip of his finger.  

He was such a trooper but we couldn't get the bleeding to stop without direct pressure because of the location of the cut on the tip of the finger. Everything I was reading said to take him to the ER if bleeding didn't stop after 10 minutes but the thought of that sounded so traumatizing for our little man and I really couldn't see them using stitches on the cut. Not to mention the fact that he's finally (somebody knock on wood quick) back to himself health wise, and I did not for a second want to expose him to the ER at night if we didn't absolutely have to.

SO, insert the greatest on-call nurse who ever existed- my college roommate Meagan- who walked me through what they would most-likely do in the ER and told me everything to buy from the Walgreens up the street from our house.

So off to Walgreens we went. Thank goodness for Matt who explored the store with Ryan while I found everything on our list and made our game plan for when we returned back home.

This buddy :) 

He and Matt played with cars and multi-colored nail files (who knew nail files could be so entertaining?!) and even made a video of them dancing to Michael Jackson while they played.

We were able to stop the bleeding with a tight bandaid in the meantime, and roaming the store was the perfect distraction for this little guy.

All bandaged up and enjoying some much-deserved milk and Daniel Tiger. ;)

We all prayed for his little finger together before bed and the sweet boo was asking for his crib soon after he said "aaaa-MEN!"

Praying that his little finger heals quickly!

That's it for this month! Be sure to check out Elizabeth's list later today!

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful week ahead!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Top Toys for Toddlers

These are Ryan's FAVORITE toys that he either has at our house or loves playing with at his friends' houses. And few of these are on the list of items we're getting him for Christmas this year!

Doctor Kit
found here

Oversized Building Blocks
found here

Melissa & Doug ABC Stackable Blocks
found here

Corn Popper
found here

Fisher Price Shape Sorter Bucket
found here

Fisher Price Mini Kitchen
found here

Sports Ball Set
found here

T Ball Set
found here

Golf Set
found here

Cozy Coupe Car
found here

Radio Flyer Wagon
found here

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike
found here

One of my favorite things to buy for Ryan and other toddlers and babies in our life are BOOKS. Books make the best gifts!

One book we are getting for Ryan this year in this 
found here

And two of my other favorite books for the 1-4 year ages are:
found here
found here

Lastly, there is BIG Black Friday book sale going on through Usborne Books today!
Check it out here.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Family Pictures + Feeling Thankful

I love this time of year, and especially this day- a day to step back and be intentionally grateful for the blessings in my life.

Two years ago, I would have never imagined we'd be celebrating Thanksgiving with an almost 16 month old boy and a baby girl on the way.

When you're in the middle of a season where you want so badly for something you don't have, it feels like the circumstances will never change.

And then when they do, those days of longing feel like such a tiny blip on the timeline of your life.

I never want to take for granted the blessings I've been given- to live this day, to spend it with my family, and to share new memories with the people I love.

But I also never want to forget those days of longing and praying because those were days where God was noticeably working on my heart- teaching me to trust in His plan for my life and His future plans for our family.

We had these family pictures taken back in early September. I was 17 weeks pregnant but not showing yet and Ryan was on the verge of walking but wasn't quite there yet. It's hard to believe how much he has changed in 2.5 months!

Thanks to Brandi from Brandi Sisson Photography for capturing the images for us!

Right after this picture, poor buddy took a tumble and hit his little nose on the way down. :( He recovered well, but you can see the little mark on his nose in these next few pictures if you look closely. Poor guy!

I used these pictures to create our Christmas card and ordered them yesterday with Shutterfly's current promotions:

Up to 50% off your entire order (code: BIGSAVINGS)
24 free address labels (code: SEALTHEDEAL)
Free Shipping on $39+ (code: SHIP39)

And P.S. Stonyfield Yogurt is still offering a $20 off coupon when you purchase their 6-pack of yogurt, so if you're going to store anytime today, pick up a pack for the extra $20 off!

This sale ends tonight at midnight!

Also, starting tonight at 10pm, there are some BIG sales on the Usborne Books I recently featured. The sale will go through Black Friday, but my consultant said they sell out fast, so you might want to create your wish lists early and be ready to purchase tonight at 10!

Get ideas for the best books for the kids in your life here, and then make your wish lists and shop here.