Friday, May 31, 2013

#Summerdays2013 Week 1 + a WINNER!

The first week of summer has been great! Summer break is definitely a major benefit of being a teacher. One week off, and I already feel refreshed! Here are my Instagram shots from the week:

Day 1: Headed down to Orlando after my last day of school!

Day 2: Afternoon Starbucks run with miss Lynnea

Day 3: Celebrating Alana's 18th birthday and graduation!

Day 4: Heading out on the river for the afternoon- if only we had this in our back yard!

Day 5: First pool day with Andrea and Teagan! I could hardly handle that two-piece and grin. So sweet!

Day 6: Making Cheddar Biscuits with my sweet buddy, Noah :) Can't believe he'll be in 3rd grade next year! ...We took the 7UP Biscuits recipe and fancied them up! I'll post the recipe either this week or next- stay tuned!

Day 7: Lunch date and shopping with my mama!

Extra pics from the week:

We stayed with Nanna and Grandpa in Orlando. We always love getting to visit them!

The fish I caught on our little canoe outing :)

What catching the fish really looked like... thanks to Matt for capturing the real footage ;)

Teagan in her float! She LOVED the water!

Maddox and Noah eating blueberries and strawberries as an little appetizer before dinner

Snuggles with Uncle Matt :)

If you want to keep up with us on Instragram, you can find me @hmnelsen and matt @matt_nelsen... maybe if he gains a following he'll actually post a picture. ;)

For the other places you can find me, click here.

And the winner of the 50% off Stella&Dot giveaway is:


Congratulations, Alexandra! Email me at to receive the credit!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Last Friday, I made a post of a few my favorite things and offered a thank-you giveaway!

 The giveaway is for 50% off any Stella & Dot item.

I earned the credit plus lots of super-cute jewelry thanks to your orders from the online party, so I thought it was only fair to share some of the hostess credit with you! 

I completely forgot to link back to the giveaway in the other posts I've made this week, so here's my reminder to you! 

There is only one day left and not many entries!

So click here to visit to post and enter to win! I will announce the winner tomorrow morning.

You can also click here to read about our Memorial Day trip to Orlando.

And for a delicious recipe that I made yet again last night (that makes 3 times in less than 3 weeks!), click here!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando!

Friday was my last day of school- I am officially out for summer!!! We usually like to celebrate my first weekend of summer with a little getaway. This year, we decided to head down to Orlando to visit family. We've been making this trip for 10 years! It's been fun to see the cousin grow up- although it's starting to make us feel old!

Riley and I going for a ride through the neighborhood in their hand-built car. SO fun! Yes, Riley was six the first time we came down, and now he's driving. Crazy.

Post ride pic :)

Matt's turn!

Sweet Abby- she graduated Friday and is heading to Clemson in the Fall! Smart girl ;)

Frozen yogurt with the cousins

No we didn't plan to match


Alana turned 18 this month and graduated high school... she's heading to Furman in the Fall!

So thankful for these two

The setup for Lynnea's piano recital ;)

After he show, she turned it over to Graysen- sweet siblings

On Monday, we went canoeing by Uncle Gregg's house- on the way, we saw a wild turkey and her chicks! (Is that what you call baby turkey?)

Little birds' nest in our canoe :)

Turtle! (It's the little things...)

Fishing is a serious sport apparently... I look concerned

Got one!!

And another!

And then Gregg got me to hold it...

Walking back from the river

Gregg showing off his turtle shells- he's a big kid ;)

My future Tiger, Abby! Can't wait to come see you in the Fall!

Sweet Grandpa :)