Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life Update

We are MOVING!!!

Life around here since returning from Maine has been cra-ZY.

And these 3 have been troopers. 
And yes I say 3, because Tally has gone everywhere with us while our current house has been prepped, shown, and inspected.

He hasn't hated it.

To give you a quick reference, here's the general timeline of events from the last 6 weeks:

Things to note:
Over the last 2-3 years, Matt and I have looked at and even toured a number of homes. It's kind of been an odd hobby of ours. We love looking at homes and having a feel for the market, and though we felt like our house was all we needed for right now, we also knew it was JUST what we needed for right now and the idea of future kids would have us searching for a new place to land before long. With that in mind, we hoped to find a house we loved and move for that reason, rather than feel like we literally could not fit in our current house anymore and have to search for a place to go.

Over the past year, we had narrowed our search to two locations- Chastain Park- the area we always walk/play that is very close to our current home, and downtown Roswell- a location about 25 minutes outside of the city but still close to interstates and close to Matt's office.

The house we are purchasing is the third home we have looked at in this neighborhood. We toured one a little over a year ago, another one weeks before Natalie was born, and then this one.

When the one we are purchasing went on the market, we were extra ecstatic for three big reasons:
1- It's on a cul-da-sac
2- It has a great backyard
3- It has a POOL!

Other things we love about it are the growing room we'll have for our family, the big open kitchen, and the outdoor spaces for eating, entertaining, and playing.

Side note and memory I don't want to forget- when we walked through the house for the first time, I asked Ryan if he wanted to go see the kitchen with me, and when we walked in, he looked around and without any prompting on what he thought about it said, 
"Oh, it's beautiful in here."

Buddy! Just turned 2 days earlier and already a boy after my own heart having an appreciation for a great kitchen. ;)

And since this will be my favorite space, and I will be spending LOTS of time in here, and because I can't write a post about our soon-to-be house without giving something for you to see from it, here is a peek at the kitchen and the deck off of the kitchen:


We cannot WAIT to make this house our home!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Natalie Grace- 6 Months

Our sweet Nonni Girl turned 6 months on the 17th!

6 Month Stats:
14lbs 7oz- 25%
25.5in- 40%

She is our Sweet Pea, Little Lady, Love Bug, and Angel Baby.
She LOVES to give wide open smiles and kick her arms and legs out when you look at her. And if she wants you to look at her again, she'll make a little cackle/cough sound and then get so excited when that does the trick of getting your attention.

This month, she got her first tooth, and the second little bottom one is not far behind!
She's also been doing a lot more tummy time and really trying to reach for things when she's playing. Sweet love will try so hard and then start to cry if she can't get what she's reaching for. It is the cutest, saddest, girliest little reaction! And Ryan is usually quick to the rescue with whatever it is she's reaching for. ;)

She has transitioned into one morning nap and usually a long afternoon nap that's anywhere from 2-3 hours. Occasionally, she'll do one last cat nap in the evening and typically goes down for the night between 6-6:30. Sweet girl loves her sleep!

One of my favorite things about her right now is the way she gets so excited when you go to get her from a nap or see her first thing in the morning. The excitement on her face and the way she kicks her arms and legs out is precious!

She also tried food for the first time this month! She gets really excited about putting whatever it is in her mouth, but then doesn't really know what to do with it, so it usually all comes right back out and then she tries again. This month she tried bananas, blueberries, and tomatoes.

Here's a recap in photos of her past month!

Our last morning in Maine, getting ready to drive to the airport.

Handing out, waiting for her second flight!

First bath with her big brother!

Eating her first food!

Wearing my dress from when I was a baby!

Laughing with Aunt Gigi in the mirror

These two fell asleep together- sweeeetness!

I came down with an rough 24 hour virus this month and this little sweet pea was either teething or fighting off her own little bug- so the two of us snuggled and slept while her brother napped and daddy came home to the rescue.

This was my little dress too :)

Smiles for Papa!

Playing with Ryan!

This was the morning that Ryan brought his "friends" into Nonni's crib and introduced her to all of them. :)

Saturday morning play date! Pretty soon, she'll be sitting up with the big kids!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016


On July 28, this big boy turned TWO!

We could not be more proud or love him any more.

He is sweet. He is kind. He is sensitive. He is FUN. He is always hopping, jumping, running, digging, or finding things to carry in each of his hands.

He loves to laugh and currently thinks that making up words in the funniest thing ever.

He loves to blow kisses, play on our bed with all of his "friends" from his crib, and prefers to "walk with his feet" instead of ride in the stroller.

He is navigating the world of doing things by himself and will break out in song when he needs to "try, try, try, try, try it again" or "keep trying, you'll get be-e-TER!" or "try to solve a problem yourself and you'll feel prou-ou-ou-oud" (Bless you, Daniel Tiger)

He is learning to ask questions instead of tell when he wants something, as well as practicing the ever-teachable lessons of speaking kindly, and saying please, thank you, I'm sorry,  and you can have a turn.

He is the SWEETEST big brother. He gets concerned when the sun is too bright on Nanni's face in the car, feels upset when she is crying, and typically searches for a paci as quickly as he can whenever she is fussing. One time she was having a harder-than-usual time falling asleep, and he was pacing our kitchen, holding her video monitor saying, "Nanni havin' tough time. Might need her paci, mama." She is one lucky girl to have him as her brother!

I love the way he likes to sit back and observe when he's in a new environment, and how he tries so hard to brave at church nursery even though he "feels a tiny bit nerbous" when we're walking in.

I want to freeze time and watch him grow all at once.

Man what a sweet two years it's been.