Friday, April 27, 2018

Emily Merritt- 10 Months

Our sweet Emily is 10 months old!

It seems like she has grown up so much this past month. She is trying hard to keep up with Ryan and Natalie and loves to be wherever they are. She is so funny when she crawls across the hard wood floors to catch up to them- she picks up her hands but swivels her hips from side-to-side and basically slides from one side of the house to the next!

She is also pulling up all the time now, and will even pull up on my legs when I'm standing. Watching her pop her little feet into place and stand up is the cutest!

She still loves her jumpy seat (can't get rid of that big piece of plastic yet- ha!) and also loves to clap whenever you say, "Yay, Emily!"

She is getting her top teeth and has been such a trooper about it. She has the classic runny nose that comes with new teeth, and Sweet Love gets so upset with me when I try to clean it!

This month, we started putting her in the big stroller seat for our walks, instead of keeping her in her carrier, and she loves it!

She has also started dancing (bouncing on her bottom) when music is playing, and it is SO cute!

She is the sweetest, happiest, most go-with-the-flow baby. We are so, so thankful she's ours!

First wagon ride!

First Easter-egg hunt! Wearing my dresses :)
Animal safari!
She could only handle the excitement for so long! Sweet LOVE!
She laughs every time we put her in a swing. :)

She also wiggles her way out of the strap and turns and stands every time we're at Target. So now I just hold her shirt, and this is how we scoot through the store.
Funny girl has started taking off her bows!
Zoo day!
First train ride :)

First time "driving" the cart at Publix!

Big girl!

Missing a shoe and a bow, but happy as can be as she tries to catch up with Ryan and Natalie on the playground.

We love you, Emily!