Thursday, March 31, 2016

Favorite Finds: Spring & Summer Shopping Edition

The ideal time to shop for new clothes is definitely not right after you have a baby. However, there were too many great sales going on this past month for me to not get some spring and summer shopping done. Oh, and the fact that it was all online with free shipping made the shopping even more convenient and justifiable.

So first up, I took advantage of the BOGO 50% sale at Target.

I needed an Easter dress with a little "give" in the mid-section and one that wasn't too short. I'm 5'6", which is not all that tall, but Target's dresses tend to be really short on me. ...Or maybe I'm just getting older and more mom-ish without even realizing it. ;)

Whatever the case may be, I found these two dresses that I absolutely love! They both fit perfectly... and by that I mean they covered the post-baby belly and booty without looking like they'll be big after the baby weight is gone.

found here

found here

The first one I wore for Easter:

and the second one I bought as a future cocktail dress option. ...Since I go to so many cocktail parties.
But hey, I needed two dresses for the BOGO. And it's super cute, right?!

Next up, I did some shopping at Old Navy, and Gap Factory. Did you know Gap Factory has an online store now too just like J Crew and Banana?! The only downside is returns can only be done at the factory stores, or shipping back for a a $5 charge. Here's what I found at those stores:

Old Navy

found here

This swim cover up is super cute on. I actually ordered the one in white also, but the pink one looks much better in person in my opinion. The white one will be going back. 

I also bought some things for Ryan from Old Navy- great sales on swim trunks, water shoes and flip flops, and sun glasses. ;)

Gap Factory

found here

This top is SO comfortable! I actually bought it in emerald green and love it, but that color is unfortunately sold out. 
I guess this isn't the best view of the top, but you can see the length here at least.
Can you tell I'm not a fashion blogger?

They have it in four other colors right now. You can check it out here.

found here

Okay these sports bras are the most comfortable sports bras I have ever worn. I love the thin straps and subtle padding that keep you from looking like a man. I bought them in pink and green.

found here

It could be that I'm too close to just giving birth, but the idea of wearing a bikini again feels way far off... as in may never happen again, hah. So I found this super cute top that fits just like the picture (definitely not always the case)- a little give in the belly but fitted up top. And I love the pattern!

found here

This little beachy dress is great for a casual summer outfit or even as a swim coverup. I love wearing dresses in the summer- no matching required and only one thing to throw on.

Next, I need to find some good gold flats and other sandals for summer. Here are a few options from Target I'm eyeing- each of these come in multiple colors:
found here
found here

found here

So that's it for today!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to share my goals for March and a recap of what went down in February.

Tonight, we're taking Ryan to Daniel Tiger Live and leaving his sister with Matt's mom. This will be our first little outing with just him since Natalie was born. And he LOVES Daniel Tiger, so we're planning for a fun night ahead!

See y'all tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Easter {part 2}

After spending the first half of our Easter with Matt's family, we headed over to my sister's house for more celebrating.

Love them so!

My mom brought over a bunch of eggs for an outdoor egg hunt, but since it was raining, Noah and Maddox had fun hiding them all indoors for Ryan. It was supposed to be a hunt for them too, but they wanted to watch Ryan search for everything. Sweet guys. Love them so much!

The funniest part was Ryan was still racing from egg to egg like there were 20 other toddlers going for the same ones- ha!

Look at them cheering him on :)


Ryan was a big fan of the chocolate he got to try! So he is officially not like his daddy in this area. ;)

Noah and Maddox got Ryan a little bubble gun to play with and he LOVED it! 

Noah snapped this picture of Maddox- impressive right?!

Sup-a fast arms up the driveway. :)

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a few of my favorite finds from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Target for Spring and Summer! See you then!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Easter

Easter weekend was full of fun. We got to spend time with both of our families, and Ryan got to hang with his cousins, which he always loves!

On Saturday, we went to an egg hunt (Ryan's first!) at a park by our house with Matt's family. 

We had a great time, despite the rain. 

And despite the fact that Ryan's Easter basket broke mid-hunt (oops! Mommy took the cheap route, and though the basket looked cute, it didn't last long, hah)

And despite that fact that Matt's mom slipped on a grassy hill and either broke her thumb or tore a ligament... she'll find out later today- poor thing!

But really, (surprisingly?!) we all had a great time! hahah

Back at Mimi and Papa's, Jackson asked to hold Baby Natalie :)
...and then asked if he could "pet" her head :) :)
We love Aunt KK!

27 photos later, we almost lost Natalie, but kinda got one shot of the cousins together, hah!

Easter Sunday

Love this book that Ryan is looking through in this picture. You can check out the rest of what was in his Easter basket here.

After church, we went to brunch with Matt's family and got to see the Easter Bunny!

Love this picture that Aunt KK took of Natalie- she gets credit for all of the pictures from our day as a matter of fact!
Golf cart ride with Papa!
And my favorite photo from the whole day- the attempt at a picture of Mimi and Papa with their grandkids. Amazing.

After brunch we headed to my sister's house for the afternoon and evening.
Those pictures will be up tomorrow!