Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Emily Merritt- 5 Months

Our sweet little Emily is growing up fast!

She is the happiest little baby who loves watching her brother and sister play and gets so excited when they make silly faces at her or play peek-a-boo with her.

Her laugh is hysterical. Ryan and Natalie were never big laughers- they always smiled so big, but no sound ever came out- so when Matt and I first heard Emily's cackle, we about died over how cute it was! She has this deep sounding voice that doesn't match her tiny, girly frame. It is just the cutest- we could listen to her laugh all day long!

Big milestones this month include rolling over both ways and trying food! She been very curious about our food when we eat, so we've let her try sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, apples and carrots. She likes bring the food to her mouth and is finding our how to chew and swallow. It is so cute watching her try!

She loves being in her exersaucer and playing on her play mat on the floor, or holding toys in her nap nanny and bumbo seat. She entertains herself so well while the big kids are eating or getting ready for the day, and she of course also loves when we're all playing together in the same room. She is just so content. Bless her sweet little self!!

One of my favorite parts of the day with her is her 6am feed because it's time for just the two of us. She reminds me of Ryan with the way she nurses- takes her time and loves the snuggles. I cherish those morning feeds! And Matt's favorite times with her are when he does her bath and bottle and reads to her every night before bed. He loves his just-him-and-Emily time!

Two other fun memories from this month were seeing her all dressed up for Halloween and passing out in Matt's arms literally as the kids were walking out of our driveway. She was such a sport to skip her normal routine and slept contentedly in his arms for most of the night. I'll always remember that sweet moment of seeing her asleep so fast and then watching Matt carry her all through the neighborhood. 

The other fun memory was going out to eat for the first time and everyone doing so well for the entire time! Matt's mom came with us to The Fickle Pickle and we laughed at how amazing it went! We are hitting a little groove as a family of 5 and moments like this one are fun to find.

Our daily routine of playing outside after naps while we wait for daddy to come home. I love the way Ryan and Natalie will pause from whatever they're doing and go over to sit by Emily. And I love the way she loves watching them play!

Meeting her cousins! 
(She was snuggled in a blanket in her carrier- she looks completely mis-dressed in this picture!)

Little ducklings :)

Some nights we all are in the bathroom together for bath time and I sneak in on some Matt and Emily time. ;)

Our sweet friend Megan captured the sweetest pictures of Emily this month. I love the way you can see her different expressions and see the way her hair is starting to stand up just like Natalie's did!

We are so in love with you sweet girl! God knew exactly what we needed making you a part of our family!