Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando!

Friday was my last day of school- I am officially out for summer!!! We usually like to celebrate my first weekend of summer with a little getaway. This year, we decided to head down to Orlando to visit family. We've been making this trip for 10 years! It's been fun to see the cousin grow up- although it's starting to make us feel old!

Riley and I going for a ride through the neighborhood in their hand-built car. SO fun! Yes, Riley was six the first time we came down, and now he's driving. Crazy.

Post ride pic :)

Matt's turn!

Sweet Abby- she graduated Friday and is heading to Clemson in the Fall! Smart girl ;)

Frozen yogurt with the cousins

No we didn't plan to match


Alana turned 18 this month and graduated high school... she's heading to Furman in the Fall!

So thankful for these two

The setup for Lynnea's piano recital ;)

After he show, she turned it over to Graysen- sweet siblings

On Monday, we went canoeing by Uncle Gregg's house- on the way, we saw a wild turkey and her chicks! (Is that what you call baby turkey?)

Little birds' nest in our canoe :)

Turtle! (It's the little things...)

Fishing is a serious sport apparently... I look concerned

Got one!!

And another!

And then Gregg got me to hold it...

Walking back from the river

Gregg showing off his turtle shells- he's a big kid ;)

My future Tiger, Abby! Can't wait to come see you in the Fall!

Sweet Grandpa :)


  1. I love that you are so close to your extended family! I wish I got along so well with my own cousins. Looks like a fun trip and the perfect way to start off your summer.

  2. sweet!! Anytime you get to see family, it's always special!! Looks like you had LOTS of fun...great memories indeed! But please tell Abby she needs to head a little farther south and be a part of the "Gamecock Nation"! LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing Heather and thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful rest of your week! ;-)

  3. You guys always have fun no matter where you go and who you're with!!

    P.S. Did you mean to say Memorial day not Labor day? (Labor day is in September). Your title just threw me off. :)

  4. FUN trip! You made me laugh on the fishing trip. ANd btw Matt is such a great guy. Brant would have immediately changed shirts if we matched. ;)

  5. Fab photos, looks like a great trip!


  6. Y'all have such a pretty family! Looks like it was a great trip!