Thursday, February 20, 2014

The bump

Well there it is... the ever-growing bump! I feel like the 12 week and 16 week pictures look bigger than the 14 and 18 week pictures, but I'm learning it depends on what I wear (and what I eat). ;)

As one of my kids mentioned just the other day, "It's out there today, Mrs. Nelsen." ...Thanks?

That's the funny thing about teaching 5th grade- they're quite observant. When I announced that I was pregnant at 16 weeks, they had the funniest reactions.

First of all, they were all hot and bothered that I had waited so long to tell them. "4 MONTHS?! Why are you just now telling us?!" But they were put at ease when they realized that all the teachers found out at the same time they did, and that, barring 2+ months of bed rest (Lord help me if that happened), I would be with them through the end of the year.

Here were some of my favorite responses from my kids. These, by the way, are unprompted, immediate reactions, shared in front of the whole class:
  • Sydney (who is one of the sweetest kids ever)- "No offense Mrs. Nelsen, but I was kind of starting to notice your stomach getting a little bigger."
  • Adam (under his breath, but loud enough for 90% of the class to hear)- "No wonder you've been eating so much lately." Ironically, I was sitting on his table finishing off a second pack of oatmeal as that observation was announced.
  • Priscilla- "You're not going to be able to see your toes. Oh, and don't sit on the couch for too long, it will get hard to get up."
  • Bradley (in response to a conversation about not using the word "big" to describe a pregnant person)- "You'll be plump! Well... pleasantly plump?"
  • Dabney- "You should get your nails done every two weeks. It helps." ...I told her I'd put her in touch with Mr. Nelsen to share any other pieces of sound medical advice she may have.
In my third period class, I had my jacket on as I shared the news (I got the idea from my friend Andrea to play hangman with the announcement "Mrs. Nelsen in pregnant!"), and... I couldn't make these things up... the class started chanting (chanting, mind you) for me to take off the jacket. 

Oh wow. 

I explained, as un-awkwardly as I could to my sweet little naive kids, that nothing would be coming off to a chant, but thanks for the enthusiasm (?!).

So later that period when I nonchalantly (or so I thought) took off the jacket by my desk, a group of kids started a slow clap. A slow clap! Ahhh... so awkward and hilarious. What can you do... other than try not to turn red and go a long with it like it's completely normal.

Which brings me to by next thoughts about learning what's "completely normal" about pregnancy.
  • Apparently, for the next 5ish months, it should be expected and not considered weird for people to immediately look at my stomach when they greet me. Awkward.
  • The stomach is not the only thing that grows... although, if I'm honest, I don't really mind having a certain area grow by default.
  • Bending over is a challenge much sooner than I would have anticipated. As is going to the bathroom at least twice in the middle of the night.
  • Pregnancy brain is a real thing. Many times I have started a conversation with Matt with a very specific opening like, "You know one thing I really love?" ...and then have completely forgotten what I was going to say after it. He laughs while I sit there in complete confusion over how something like that can happen.
I'm sure there is more that could go on this list, but alas, the school day is calling. We have conferences tonight, so I'll be looking for something quick and easy to make when I get home. If you're in need of the same, check out one of these 5 easy meals.

Have a good one!



  1. Oh my gosh you look so adorable!Enjoy this time as much as you can!! So happy for you and Matt! <3

  2. You look so gorgeous with your tiny little bump. Your student reactions are hilarious!

  3. You are seriously the cutest preggo ever. I love hearing stories from my teacher friends about their students, little kids say the cutest things.

  4. Love your pupils reactions, so funny! I am sure I still have baby brain and I haven't been pregnant for 5.5 years :) A x

  5. I was loling at some of the priceless. You are too cute!! Xx.

  6. Heather, oh my gosh. I don't know which is cuter, your pics or the kiddos responses! My cheeks hurt. All I can say is get ready for little hands on your belly all day everyday. lol

  7. Love this! My favorite of your pregnancy brain moments:having no clue your return address labels were totally wrong! And then not knowing when I sent you a picture. Oh pregnancy brain-it is SO real!

  8. Oh my gosh! those kids comments are priceless, Im so glad that you wrote them down somewhere. It will be so fun to look back on. And Congrats! :)

  9. haha that is so cute! :) they will be great fun as you go along in this process.