Friday, February 21, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Week 7

Day 43: Matt and I were both home from work on Wednesday due to the snow. It was so fun to be stuck in our house and not in the car like the last snow disaster! These were some snapshots of our day- basically Matt worked out while I ate and relaxed. ...oh and Tally served as his personal trainer, following him from room to room. ;)
Recipe for the crock-pot dish here.

Day 44: Matt was home for half the day on Thursday too. Tally played for hours in the snow with his best friend Hagen (our neighbor's dog) and got SO muddy! Matt had to carry him in the house with a towel and put him straight in the tub before he left for work. After a forever long bath, Tally snuggled up and passed out. :)

Day 45: The Whole Foods by our house was GIVING AWAY lobster tails with filet on Valentine's Day (granted, the filet was $30/lb which my mom said was crazy expensive... but I guess that's what we get for living in Buckhead- they charge more and give you lobster to along with it- ha). I had never made lobster tail before, but Google taught me how. This little video was quick and easy to follow, and the lobster turned out great! I also made a variation of my mom's twice-baked potatoes which I'll have to share on here in the near future.

Day 46: Saturday morning, this actually happened. I know this may be strange to some people, but I have always wanted Matt to get a pedicure with me. I guess because it's one of my favorite things and I always thought it would be fun to do it together. So for Valentine's Day, he did! He has played sports for his entire life- still does- so his feet were in need of a little TLC. Needless to say, his lady got a big tip. ...He looked over at me at one point and said, "This is actually pretty nice" - ha! I knew he'd like it. ;) 

Day 47: Sunday afternoon, we hit up a movie matinee and saw Endless Love. I had low expectations, but it was actually really good! And way less sketchy than the movie poster makes it look- ha.

Day 48: One of our sweet neighbors brought us these beautiful tulips as a congratulations after our baby announcement. Fresh flowers in the house make me happy. 

Day 49: The bump- for more on my thoughts about the beginning stages of pregnancy, plus reactions from my kids when I told them the news, see yesterday's post.

It is FRIDAY!!! Have a sweet weekend!


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  1. awww I love how your dog follows you from room to room...that is hilarious! Mine does the same thing. <y husband would never do the pedicure....unfortunately...haha, but so happy yours experienced it! woohoo! go Matt!