Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

What a weekend it was! It what really more like a 5 day mini-vacation after the craziness of the Atlanta "snowpocalypse" as everyone was calling it. If you saw the last #nelsendays2014 post or follow me on instagram, you know that Tuesday was quite an interesting day that invovled my 15 minute drive from work lasting 8 hours with a 2 mile walk to the finish line of our back door. So I was beyond thrilled when school was canceled for not one, not two, but THREE days after! Gotta love Atlanta for not canceling on the day we actually get all of the snow, but canceling three days after when the high was in the upper 50s. But hey, I'll take it.

So now for the actual weekend part of my mini-vacation. On Saturday, we took Tally and his best friend (yes, our dog has a best friend) to the park to play. I can't say that I ever imagined us being a two-dog-at-the-park couple, whatever "couple" that looks like, but Matt and I loved every minute of the warmer weather and watching the pups have a blast in the water.

Pooped on the ride home. ;)

Saturday night, our nephew, Jackson, came to stay with us. He and Tally were best buds, especially after Jackson went for the treat box 2 minutes into being in our house and started feeding Tally. ;)

Saying bye to mama!

Tally quickly learned the best place to wait during meal time.

Jackson wanted to see the house... and brought his suitcase along for the tour. Little love.

He has the cutest smile and just will not turn it on when the camera comes out! Stinker!

Special treat- chocolate milk... in the picture on the right, he's waving his right hand and saying, "Hea-yer, no pitures!" haha... it's tough being a celebrity.

A few more stories before bed! ...Notice Uncle Matt Matt is the favored one- stories could only be read by him... I secretly love it ;)

On Sunday, we went to a new hiking spot that Matt found when I was on my girls' weekend in Charleston. The weather could not have been more gorgeous! I so hope it stays- I am ready for winter to be over!

ride home :)

Sunday night, we went to our friends' house to watch the Super Bowl and eat enormous amounts of appetizers (I love a meal of appetizers). I made the Velveeta and Rotel dip (which Matt hilariously calls "my specialty" despite the fact that it's on the back of the can of Rotel), beer dip, and stuffed pizza rolls. This time, I added a little bit of ricotta in- they were yummy!

Surely you've made this before, but if you haven't, it's 16oz. of Velveeta and one can of Rotel. Or you can just call it "my specialty" like Matt. ;)

There were four of us. And two main items are not shown here. It was awesome.

Love these two!

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  1. Oh my your nephew is cute as a button.... Such sweet pictures!

  2. Your nephew clearly knows the way to a dog's heart. :) And I love that he hauled his suitcase around on the tour. Aren't kids hilarious!?!

    Don't feel bad about the massive Super Bowl spread. We pretty much did the same thing at my parents' house--we'll be eating leftovers for most of this week!

  3. Hi Heather! I just discovered your blog through the blog hop and

    1. Your dogs and my dogs could be best friends.
    2. I'm going to need to make some of those pizza rolls.

    Nice to meet you!