Monday, February 17, 2014

#nelsendays Week 6

Day 36: We announced some big news!

Day 37: Dinner with sweet friends from our first small group at Cook Hall

Day 38: Immigration Day! This sweet student of mine not only guessed the hangman puzzle with three letters filled in when I announced that I was pregnant to my class, he also asked his mom if he could pick out flowers to bring me as a congratulations! Here's to hoping baby Nelsen will grow up to be as sweet as Jack! :)

Day 39: After 45 years, my sweet stepdad retired from Sander's Furniture- a family company that's been opened for 101 years. What a legacy he has left in the town of Monroe, GA... and the next stage of that legacy is only just beginning!!

Day 40: Tally's getting a little big for this front seat lap thing (understatement), but he has no idea and always manages to sneak his way up whenever we're riding in the car together.

Day 41: Tally got a visit from his best buddy Jackson, and the two decided to hang out in the shower- go figure. ;)

Day 42: 17 week appointment! haha... Matt got a flu shot while we were there and got to experience the joys of the stirrup table. :)

Today marks the end to my one week off of work thanks to the snow/ice. It has been glorious. :) Tomorrow, it's back to the grind- getting my 5th graders ready for the writing test on March 5th and the CRCT that follows! I can't believe we're this close to the end already. Crazy!

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  1. Hope you have a great week back to work :) That picture of your hubby kills me...

  2. How sweet of your student to think to bring you flowers! When I student taught this past fall, I fell in love with the students' thoughtful, sweet, innocence.

  3. that picture of matt made me LOL when i saw it on IG...and i'm still smiling! so awesome!! :)