Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bedroom Furniture- down to two!

A couple of summers ago, my mom and I painted the two dressers that are in our master bedroom so that they'd be ready for the future nursery whenever that time came (I wasn't kidding in this post when I described my "old" self as having a plan for every future second of my life).

We figured it would make more sense long-term for us to buy bedroom furniture for our room, than nursery furniture for the baby's room. Plus, bedroom furniture has been on our list of things to purchase for ourselves for quite some time.

When we were living in the apartment, we said we would buy bedroom furniture when we bought a house. Well then we bought a house and flipped the whole thing, so bedroom furniture seemed slightly unnecessary after all of the other changes we made in a short amount of time.

I got in my head (that's never a good start, haha) that I didn't want to "set up" our room until we got bedroom furniture, thinking that we'd make that decision fairly soon after moving in. But anyone who owns a house knows that there are ALWAYS more investment-worthy house decisions that stand in the way when you get ready to make "fun" purchases. Like a fence. Or grass. Or paint. Or a porch. Or, my personal favorite, new pipes (remember this picture?!).

Thankfully, God's timing of this baby is (shall I even say it?!) falling in line with a good time to actually make a fun purchase. Fingers crossed nothing breaks in the next 24 hours after me putting that out there. Well, minus the fact that Matt's car was totaled a month ago. (Confession- my first thought after knowing that Matt was okay was honestly, "Dangit! There goes the bedroom furniture... again." Yeah, not my sweetest moment. At least I didn't say it out loud?

Thankfully, the insurance of the guy who hit Matt covered the cost of the car and we were able to come away with a newer version of Matt's old car without having to put much of our own money in at all. Major blessing!

So insert bedroom furniture.

We're down to two options. I really like one of these, but Matt's not too sure about it.

Unfortunately, because he rarely has an opinion about things like this, I feel like I should listen to it. That whole trying-to-be-a-good-wife thing pops up at the most inconvenient times.

Point being- I was thinking a little feedback may help to sway either one of us to what the other likes. SO, I won't tell you which one of us likes which furniture the best, but I'd love to hear what y'all think. Don't hold back. Shoot it straight. I can take it.

Option 1:

Option 2:

And here's a general view of what our room looks like now so you can envision the new look (except we now have a dark fan and different bedding:

So what do you think?! 

Option 1 or 2?

Thanks for your help, friends!



  1. Definitely the option one. It will be gentler and will not appear to take up as mich room because it has a "lighter" look. Two will give you a room with more contrast. And since the furniture is so dark it will seem to take more space and will be heavy. Basically, Two totally different looks!
    And here is one more thought! Maybe consider using a couple pieces from one set with the other set. For example the bed in option one but the night stands from option 2.
    And I'm going to guess he likes #2!
    Ramblings of an interior designed sorry!

  2. I think I agree with Veronica's comment. Option 1 is lighter and has a fresh feel and won't 'invade' the room. Option 2 is very nice, but I would feel the need for lots of light, white walls and white bedding to compensate. Hope that helps!

  3. I'm a big fan of sleigh beds, but I actually really like the top!!!!

  4. Well, since you asked! I actually prefer the clean lines that Option 1 has, but my fear is that the finish may be too "shabby chic" to stand the test of time. If you are saving up for something for SO long, it seems you'll want furniture that you'll love for years to come. Does Option 1 come in a more traditional finish? Maybe something midway between the two options you have, like a satin cherry or cherry finish, rather than super light or super dark! How in the world did you end up with such completely different options?! I definitely look forward to the big reveal!!

  5. I really like option 1 but I think option 2 would look more in keeping with your room... Decisions, I am useless at them! We got antique bedroom furniture 6 months ago and are using it but the room needs renovated and I am sure by the time the room is properly done I will hate the furniture!

  6. I will be the first to say choice number 2.. It looks similar but not exactly like what we have and I love it!! I will find your email and send a pic of our furniture so you can see!!

  7. If I am just choosing between these two I would say number 1 since it seems more timeless and I always like the look of dark wood. But if I may offer a piece of advice... we bought a set of dark wood furniture for our master 4 years ago and at first I loved it but then over time I started wishing it was less matchy matchy and we had gone with just one or two dark pieces and then mixed in a painted piece or a different wood or metallic or something (especially when looking at photos of rooms I liked and they all had a mixed look). So eventually I plan to swap out a piece or two for pieces that don't all match. Just something to consider :)

    Here is a post with pictures of our set in it from when we were selling our first house (the low dresser is not in the photos).

  8. I skipped reading over other comments so as not to influence mine and my opinion. Personally, if I was selecting a set for my own room and taste I would go with the option 2 mostly because it's a darker color and the first option is lighter than I typically go in my design choices but seeing as how it looks like your curtains are dark already option 2 might make the room a general dark looking place. In the first option I also like the drawers at the foot of the bed for extra storage. Good luck with the decision making and can't wait to see which set makes a new home with the Nelsons and who liked which one better too!

  9. after reading my comment I realized I said number 1 when I meant number 2 since I described it as dark wood. oops!

  10. Option 1...Our bedroom furniture resembles option 2 and to be honest, it makes the room look sooo small. It's almost too "grand" for a room that's on the smaller side. Plus, option 1 has more of a vintage feel...seems more you:)

  11. I think option 2 matches the style of your room better but I would hands down pick option one for myself! LOVE it!

  12. My first reply ever to your blog - GET HER! - even though I read every word of every post and never miss it. I just always comment over the phone or in person so this is going to be fun and different.
    I do like both - but option 1 doesn't seem like you OR Matt to be honest - I can totally see you both going for option 2 - I have racked my brain to figure out who likes what, but I think you both would go for # 2 at first choice so I can't figure it out. Ha! So, that being said, I say number 2 just because in my opinion it calls both of your names and says, "buy me" because it seems to suit you both well. Yes, it is darker, but that is just like your kitchen table and some other pieces in the house and it just seems to best fit with both of your styles I think. I don't think it will be too dark for the room though - not with the comforter, etc, to brighten things up. Good luck with your decision, can't wait to see it in the room! Love you Lam

  13. I feel your pain. We bought our house in October. I'm having to learn there will always be projects and things to do. Sigh! :)

    I really like both options, but I think two would be something you would enjoy longer.

  14. I like option one but I think its a bit trendy and won't stand the test of time. I think option 2 is classic and beautiful.