Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend in the North Georgia Mountains

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What a great weekend away with friends! We had so much fun last year when we went that we decided to go again this year and bring Tally along for the ride. ...Thank heavens for long weekends and sweet friends.

Gearing up for the Clemson WIN over Georgia!

This was Tally's first time staying in a house with stairs. They were a big hit. ;)

Happy hubby :)

Morning walk

Caroline and I had to show some serious restraint when we found these sweet puppies for sale!

...okay the guys did too

Mmmm... bread addict


Our afternoon walk looked a lot like this

...and this

...and this

Hot tub in the rain

Looking on from the covered porch

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  1. I shall now purchase a FSU t-shirt to further my friendship with Matt.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love Mercier Orchards. We are getting married up there (a little further north) next year and I can't wait! This just got me so so excited!

  3. What a fun weekend!! That place looks so pretty. And you got so many good pictures! Can you go back and mail me one of those puppies?! TOO CUTE!

  4. Hi Heather!
    Lovely blog! Just followed you via Bloglovin Blog Hop. Hope you follow back :) Happy Thursday!

  5. Looks like a brilliant weekend!


  6. Hi Heather, thanks for linking up at the Fun Friday Blog Hop!
    Seems that you and your family know how to have fun (I'd really like to find a U-Pick me too!!! Sadly, they don't do that here in Italy...)
    I'm now following you on every social media... sort of stalking, maybe? I hope not!
    MammaNene @

  7. I stopped by from the blog hop. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I looked around and see that we have the same love of travel. I could travel the world and I would still be ready to go again. I love visiting new places.

  8. everything about this post made me smile! hot tub in the rain. the awesome bread. the sweet, sweet puppies - ahhh, i would have a hard time not taking one home too. tally needs a friend, right?! ;) your smiling face! i'm so glad you had a wonderful time with friends. i love the apple picking photos! you are awesome, heather! sending love and thinking about you lots! xoxox

  9. It looks like you had a fun weekend! Love all the pictures! :)

  10. Hi, I found you via the bloglovin' blog hop. I LOVE TALLY and the other little puppy! Both waaaaay too cute... <3 <3 xx