Friday, September 27, 2013

Birthday Recap

Wednesday morning I shared my attempt to embrace my new age- odd number and all. And going into school that morning, I was reminded of how sweet it is to be an elementary school teacher on your birthday (because, let's be honest, sometimes reminders of why you love what you do are necessary... or at least appreciated).

I have joked on here more than 17 times how I much I would love to be a stay-at-home wife who cooks and blogs for a living.

But really, I LOVE what I do. And not just because my sweet kiddos spoiled me rotten for the day. ;)

First, I walked in to this little package sitting on my chair. ;) Love my co-worker and sweet friend, Lynn! She filled it with cheese Pringles (I really wish I didn't love those so much), orange tic-tacs, tangerine-flavored gum, Reese's Pieces, and Reese's peanut butter cups. So cute!

One of my girls who I have taught for the past 3 years made me the sweetest card I think I have ever received from a student. She had me close to tears 5 minutes into the school day!

Clemson Bottle Cap Magnets from a store in downtown Roswell- too cute!

How pretty is this necklace from one of my girls?! Did she read my last Ten on the 10th post?!

Cards from my kids taped to my door...

One of my personal favorites... love the "maybe". 

Sweet Henry brought me the prettiest flowers!

Flowers and cupcakes (and too many papers!) on my desk

And as if the sweet cards and flowers and jewels were not enough, my kiddos brought in gift cards to Starbucks and Banana Republic! Do they know me, or do they know me?!

By the way, if you don't use the Starbucks app- you need to download it TODAY! You can load all of your gift cards onto the app and earn "stars" for each purchase. The stars add up to free drinks, plus you get a free drink on your birthday!

Later that day, I got the cutest text from my sis-in-law. She brought Jackson over to the house to play with "Tah-ye" while I was at school and had the "kids" make a little artwork for me. ;)

...and then left me Gigi's cupcakes!

That night, Matt and I used a Buckhead Life gift card that one of my kids from last year gave me and pretended like we were celebrities at Chops Lobster Bar. Okay, maybe we didn't pretend like we were celebrities, per say, but we were feelin quite fancy at the swanky swanky spot (yes I meant to type that twice- one swanky is not enough in this case).

And in non-celebrtiy fashion, I snuck a picture of the food. 
Because it was just.that.good.
We got french onion soup that was fab, ate every single piece of bread in the basket, and almost licked the plates of the surf and turf with a 12oz. filet, corn mash, macaroni and cheese, and creamed spinach. And it might have taken us close to 20 minutes to make those decisions with a few questions to the server before our menus were closed to show we were ready. ...A couple literally arrived 10 minutes after us and left before our main entrees arrived. Maybe we don't get out much.

We were supposed to hit up the Atlanta Sky View after dinner, but it was raining, so we'll have to save that for another night!

When we got home, Matt had his gifts waiting for me on the bed- wrapped in wedding paper. Which was awesome.

One thing I have always appreciated about him is that he is the sweetest card picker-outer, and he writes an even sweeter note on the inside. I'm a words-of-affirmation kinda girl so a sweet card is the best gift I can get!

He totally spoiled me this year with two things from my Ten of the 10th post: 
 Luke Bryan's Crash My Party CD

And then the last little box had an Apple TV inside! 
This is probably going to be an awful explanation, but it's kind of like a computer for your TV that has "apps" like what you would see on your phone. 
Hmmm, I think that was worse than I was imagining.
Basically, you get to play pandora, watch Netflix, stream pictures wirelessly (is that redundant?) from your computer to the TV and vice-versa.
Really, I just want to play my Pandora while I cook and not use the data from my phone to do it. And then we'll figure out the other cool things along the way. 

In other news...

Yesterday, I took the 5th grade boys to their "Growing Up Boys" class. 

It was an experience I would be okay with not repeating. I focused extra hard on the papers I was grading at many points during the lesson. There are certain words and phrases that shall go untyped here that I don't think I'll ever be mature enough to handle.

Today, we're heading to Blue Ridge for our 5th Grade Trip. We're leaving the school at 7am and will get back around 10:00 tonight. The kids are so excited!

Tomorrow, Matt and I are heading to the Ga State Fair. And while we're gone, our house will be painted! They started pressure washing yesterday and should be able to finish all of the painting by tomorrow. YAYAY!!!

TGIF. For real. 
Hope you have a good one!


  1. WOW! Now that is a birthday! Hope yall have a great weekend. I do not wish being with that many boys learning about their changing bodies on my worse enemy!! Although it is not as bad as trying to sneak sanitary pads in your shopping cart because your eight year old twin boys think they are DOG DIAPERS!!! Try explaining that one!!
    Brant will be explaining all about this stuff. ;)

  2. Wow what an awesome birthday!! How sweet of all your kiddos to make you those sweet cards and gifts! Sweet notes from my guy are my favorite too :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect birthday! What sweet gifts from your hubby, family, friends, and students! You are truly blessed! :)

  4. this post has me smiling and even tearing are so loved - and it's so obvious why. i love your spirit and way of life - you know how to live and celebrate! you're beautiful! <3<3<3

  5. What a sweet birthday! Loooove lulu lemon---their stuff is wy worth it!!! And that necklace! I need one! :) and, my birthday is sept. 30th :).