Monday, September 16, 2013

Exterior House Colors 411 + WINNERS!

We've been doing some work on the front of the house (all of which will be shared on here once it is finished!), and are now trying to decide which colors to go with for the exterior. The painters were supposed to start on Saturday, but we decided we needed more time to choose the right color. I'm usually pretty impulsive efficient with these types of decisions, but I'm really having a hard time with this one!

I've been looking on for inspiration and have found some looks that I definitely like. By the way, if you have never used for house renovation ideas, it is amazing! It's like Pinterest specifically for house ideas- people take pictures of their renovations and share all of the details about what went into the new look, including the companies, colors, and materials used for the job. You can even ask questions about anything you see if the picture and the person who posted the picture will respond. Very cool! 

SO, here are some paint colors I'm liking from Houzz:

The other website we've been using is the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer. It lets you upload a picture of your home and drag and drop different colors onto the siding and shutters. Here are some of the combinations we've created:

Siding = Gris 7659
Shutters = Cyberspace 7076

Door option (not sure if we want the door to be different or not) = Riverway 6222

Siding = Jubilee 62486
Shutters = Inkwell 6992

Siding = Copen Blue 0068 (from the first Houzz picture)
Shutters = Roycroft Pewter 2848

Siding = Rainwashed 6211 (from the second Houzz picture)
Shutters = Roycroft Pewter 2848 

Obviously, this is not our house... I used the Colonial template so that I could see a house with shutters and a portico (one of the new additions on the front of our house! ...more to come on this when I post the finished look of the front).

We're liking the gray family of colors, with a lighter bluish/greenish house color and darker gray shutters. Which is a completely different looks from the colors of our house now:
This picture was taken before our "When poo hits the fan... or in our case, the lawn" disaster from a couple of years ago that turned our front yard into this:

Since then, we've been trying to re-beautify the front. The house color doesn't look too shabby in these pictures, but up close, it definitely needs a lift! Especially after pulling out all of the plants along the house and building the portico.

We're hoping to start the painting in the next week or so. If you guys have any paint colors you've used in the past and love, we would love to hear them! They don't necessarily have to match the look we're going with either- we're open to something different! You can either email me at or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

And now, the winners of the Pampered Chef giveaway!!!

Winners were drawn using, and two names were drawn twice! 

Anna, you're name was selected once for the classic batter bowl and once for the cobalt mix-n-scraper!

AnnaZed, your name was drawn once for the mini serving spatula and once for the square baker!

Congratulations!! Email your shipping address to me at so we can send you your gifts!


  1. I love the grey colors. Can't wait to see everything y'all have planned.
    I love the colors of this little cottage we are renting right now. It is more of a putty grey, white trim and black shutters. I'll see if I can find out the "putty grey" color. I think we have a can.
    When we buy again I want this color for sure.

  2. I love the first two. I love grey-blues, pale blues and greens.

  3. i LOVE the gray! it's such a sharp, pretty color! your house is gorgeous. i was just thinking about you and had to come and catch up. i hope you're doing well, my friend! and i hope your school year is still of to an amazing start. sending lots of love. xoxoxo

  4. Fun colors! Our house is older and we have white siding with a blue almost turquoise trim. I would love any of these!

  5. I love the first one and the grey shutters on the others are gorgeous!


  6. I love that grey, it's going to be gorgeous.

    Also thanks so very much for the contest. I'm so excited about winning!

  7. Love the colors! What fun! I can't wait to move and start all the projects with our house!

    I'm also excited about's pretty funny that two Anna's won! ;)

  8. Hi! Found you via the happy kids bloghop and followed!

    AmeriAus Blog

  9. Thanks for your opinion on what kind of exterior wood shutters should be nice to design my house. Where do I buy a shutter that's durable and stylish? I want it installed in my house through their handyman too.

  10. Gray looks elegant; stately and clean. Something to do with it being a media between the poles of black and white; inherent in its nature. Wishing you well on your beatification project. But then, if you're going to 're-beautify' the thing, might as well go all out! Like, more than just wall color, heh?

    Jenell @ Tristate

  11. If you put the color of the 3rd picture’s siding as the roof of the 2nd pic, I’d say you have an amazing house right there. Although I am partial to gray, I just think it’s too dark to use for a siding. But that’s just me.