Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day Mountain Weekend

Over Labor Day Weekend, Matt and I headed up to Brasstown Bald with our friends Tanner and Caroline. The time away was a perfect blend of relaxation and activity... with maybe a little more weight on the relaxation side. ;) Here are some pictures from the trip!

At some point in the past few years, Matt and I crossed over to the "early risers" group of grown-ups. Yep... I just referred to us as "grown-ups". We CAN sleep in, sometimes... but typically we're up early, ready to start the day. So each morning, we would wake up and sit outside, just enjoying the views that we don't get to see at home. We kind of like that still time in the morning- we're mid-20s going on mid-60's I suppose. ;)

This is pretty much what our Saturday looked like. With occasional position changes for meals.

We did go on a little walk Saturday in between watching football. For me, it was a search-for-wildlife walk. Because basically any time spent out of Atlanta turns into a search-for-wildlife hunt for me. 

It's odd. I'm fully aware of it. 

But as you learned in this post, I have what one of our friends, Dustin, likes to call Animal Tourettes. 

I try to keep my excitement or wildlife on the DL around people that don't know that embarrassing part of me... BUT, unfortunately, I totally have an episode on the drive up when three (yes THREE!) deer were on the side of the rode looking right into my window! 

It went like this:
"DEER! Oh DEER! THREE of them! Oh and one's a baby!"

...And then the realization that I just squealed like a 3-year-old having her first encounter with the animals she'd seen in her Baby's-First-Words books hit me.

I looked over at Matt sitting next to me in the back seat with a horrified look that said, 
"Oh my... was all of that just out loud?"

And he looked at me with a big grin that said, "Yep. Sure was." 

So from that point forward, Caroline and Tanner made it their personal mission to find wildlife for me wherever we went. 

So kind. And so embarrassing.

So we started our walk....

And found our first "wildlife". Or death. Poor guy.

But then we found goats! Although I think the fence disqualified them from being actual wildlife.

Caroline tried to get closer to them, but her not-so-sneaky leap scared them all away. haha... love that look on her face. Oops! :)

This hill led up to our house. And this picture does not do it justice. I felt like a contestant on Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition trying to get up that thing!

This place was down the hill from our house... we placed an order for ribs in the morning and they slow cooked them all day. YUM! I want a place like this where we live!

Each couple split one of these. Oh. Yum. :)

Finally, a wildlife sighting!
They're kind of hard to see in this picture, but after dinner, we saw ELEVEN wild turkey walking through our backyard! Crazy!

On Sunday, we drove up to Brasstown Bald. Notice the sign. :)

What's funnier... Caroline's face trying to look like she's pricking her finger, or the face of the guy who realized he got in the picture?!


  1. Love your photos! There is something about seeing wildlife, I saw a stoat in our garden the other day and got a bit too excited, the kids thought I was mad!

  2. oh I absolutely love the mountains! this makes me wanna go SO bad! We normally go every year in September when the leaves start changing and the elk come down - but we're building a house this year and saving as much as we can for all the goodies we wanna buy when we move in. so thanks for the pics and taking us on your little trip. haha. beautiful place yall stayed! lounging in pajamas in the mountains....does life get any better? lol

  3. What a perfect getaway! My favorite trips always seem to be ones to the mountains...they are so beautiful! It looks like you all had a wonderful and relaxing time. And the weather looks so nice! I lol at poor Mr. Squirell. Loved all your cute and funny photos and of course, your amazing cabin!
    I am craving a cabin vaca this winter!
    Hope you are having a great September, Heather!

  4. Such great pictures!! Looks like yall had a blast!!

  5. Looks like you had a fun trip! Great photos! :)