Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Guests from Charleston and Orlando

Two weekends ago, we had friends from Charleston and family from Orlando in town. Meagan, Chris, and their 14-month-old, our "niece" ;) stayed with us for the weekend, and Matt's grandparents were in town too, staying with Matt's parents. It was a busy and fun weekend going back and forth between our house, Andrea's house, and Karen's house! Most of the pictures I took were of the babies... in fact, I never got a single picture of our girls' afternoon or one of us with Meagan and Chris! But who wants to see pictures of us when the kids are so stinking cute?!

Sweet 'lil E playing in the empty bathtub while Meagan and I got ready... haha

Next, it was on to the shoes while we finished getting ready.

"Look what I did!" :)

Jackson snugglin with Great Nanna. :)


Karen cooked up a feast!

We tried to catch the guys falling asleep on us as Meagan and I chatted away... Chris woke up though, just in time to smile.... Matt- not so much. :)

Andrea captured these next pictures and posted them on her blog. I had to steal them because they were so cute!!

Four generations of Nelsens!

And just for kicks, since I didn't get any pictures of the four of us girls over the weekend, an old-school pic from our college days... once again thanks to Andrea's blog. ;)

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