Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So I finally did it...

I took the plunge! I joined the bang band wagon (say that 10 times fast). 

No that's not me. 
I pinned this picture months ago and kept looking at it, wondering if I would have to hold my hands on my head like for my bangs to look that cute. Because that would be awkward.

Then today, sitting in my trailer after my first period left, I acted out of sheer spontaneity (which almost never happens) and called to schedule the appointment. 

And I actually followed through with it!

And just because I was curious...

Well... I tried.

How does she do that?!

And by the way that's a tank top I'm wearing, just so we're clear.


  1. The bangs look gorgeous! Good move :) I've also been contemplating bangs.......such a scary decision! Bravo!

  2. Your bangs look amazing! They frame your face perfectly and totally suit you :) (you could pass for that models double, too!)

  3. LOVE the bangs Heather!!! I go back and forth with my bangs.....they are short now.
    Super cute and I love the color.

  4. You are SO one of those people who look amazing with bangs...I'm jealous! :) You look adorable!!

  5. Gorgeous! You look mahveliss, dahling! Seriously , beautiful. It is good to be spontaneous.

  6. I thought you were going to say you cut them yourself! Glad you didn't, they look great.

  7. You look fantastic, I have been contemplating taking the plunge but fear I may look like a school child:)


  8. The bangs are chitty-chitty bang-bang awesome! And you look like a model too. ;)

  9. Love the bangs, you look great! You're starting a trend - did you see Natalie Morales on the Today Show this morning? She was sporting cute bangs too!

  10. They look amazing on you! Sexy and classy all @ the same time!!
    Love the last pictures :)
    Yay for bangs! Mine need a trim...big time!
    Hope your week has been a great one!