Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Recent Meals (10 Recipes Included) + An Idea for Recipe Sharing

It's been a while since I've posted our recent meals. I like sharing these posts because I personally love hearing what other people are making for dinner. It's like an automatic review of a recipe and gives me ideas that/≥ keep me from getting in a cooking rut.

As matter of fact, this thought just hit me. We should do a favorite recipe link-up where we can all share our favorite meal that we've made in the last thirty days. What do you think?! Do you have a recipe link you could share? 

If enough people have links to share (either your own posts or links to someone else's recipe), I'll try to get that together for my next Recent Meals post. Let me know your thoughts and stay tuned. :)

For now, hopefully you'll find one of these ten recipes worth trying out this week!


This meal takes 10 minutes and is so tasty! I recently starting adding in Trader Joe's Island Soyaki Sauce at the end for some added flavor- Mmmm! Love.

H's Chili Pasta

We've had some random cold days lately, so this recipe has been the perfect meal for those extra cool nights!

Island Soyaki Tilapia

I just shared this recipe yesterday. It is the EASIEST recipe I have ever shared and it tastes SO good!

Spaghetti & Meatballs

This is an Americanized Italian dish. They don't actually serve spaghetti with meatballs in Italy. But regardless of whether it's "real" Italian or not, it is good! I have an easy recipe that you can check out here.

Sloppy Joes

These are no where close to your elementary cafeteria's sloppy joes. I promise! You will like them if you give them a try. They're so easy and so tasty. They are definitely a staple in our house when I need something quick to make for dinner.

Stuffed Peppers

I posted a recipe here that talked about Publix ready-made stuffed peppers, but I have recently started buying Trader Joe's pre-made stuffed peppers that are made with ground turkey and I think I like them even more!

Spinach & Kale Ravioli

I'll be honest, I first bought this ravioli from Costco when I was pregnant and was trying really hard to eat healthier. I fully planned on thinking it was gross but figured I would suck it up and do it for the babe. Maybe it was the sauce I made that I could drink like soup, but this meal is one of my FAVES. It is so, so good! I've also used this sauce on crab and lobster ravioli and love it on all three. Mmmm, this will be back in the rotation again soon.

Fig Balsamic Chicken

Yes, I know that's not chicken in that picture. But the recipe that I have shared on here a million and one times is just as tasty on chicken! And it is so quick and easy to make. So follow the recipe here and choose whether you want to make it with pork tenderloin or chicken. We love them both!

Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas

I like making this dish when we have company because it makes so much and can be prepared ahead of time. And it takes SO good!

Spinach & Goat Cheese Salad with Candied Walnuts

Matt would look at me like I had three heads if I tried to serve salad for dinner, so this recipe is served as a side (usually when we have company because making a salad for just the two of us takes a lot more time than my other veggie sides- or at least in my head it does)

Hope you're able to find at least one new recipe to try this week!

We're nearing the end of our trip but it's not over yet! You can catch a glimpse of our days by checking out our Instagram page @hmnelsen or by clicking on the camera icon below.

Hope you're having a great week!



  1. I love the idea of a recipe link up! I do a "what's cookin Wednesday " on my blog each week so I have tons to share!! :)

  2. Being the Mexican food lover that I am, I may just have to try those enchiladas! They look delish!

  3. That salad looks delicious! I may need to add it to our menu next week. :)

  4. I want to be at your dinner table! These all look so tasty!