Friday, May 22, 2015

#nelsendays weeks 19&20

What a great two weeks it has been! We are loving the warm, but not too warm, days with hardly any rain. We've gone outside to play or walk just about every day and I'm loving it! Hoping these Spring-like temps can hang on as long as possible!

Day 128:
Ryan and Tally have mastered the art of selfies... Matt's still working on it. ;) #overheredaddy

Day 129:
A morning walk, an early lunch, and a trip to Costco. I love Saturdays. And yes Tal came too. After being gone for a week he's jumping in the car every time we leave so we take him with us whenever we can. :)

Day 130:
Mother's Day. I love this boy so much. Being his mama is the best gift I've ever been given.

Day 131:
Our attempt at recreating our pool days from the week before with a mid-afternoon "swim." It wasn't quite the same, but I did enjoy the view. ;)

Day 132:
We have a pretty solid routine lately of walking at the park and then playing on the playground. These sunny days have been the best!

Day 133:
We love open gym! And Ryan says hey. The hand rarely goes down.

Day 134:
Look closely and you will see that Tally is sucking one of Ryan's pacifiers in the background. Tally, our golden retriever who has always acted more like a child than a dog, sometimes gets jealous during mealtime because all of the attention is on Ryan (you know, the actual child in our house). So he usually goes to find something of Ryan's that he knows he's not supposed to have and will peek his head around the corner and stare at me with whatever it is in his mouth. This is purely for affect because when he doesn't get the attention he wants, he drops whatever it is and dramatically plops on the floor with a sigh. This particular stare down lasted for 3-5 minutes during breakfast. Oh. Tal. You are one funny pup.

Day 135:
End of the year performances and presentations at Noah and Maddox's school! Love these boy so, so much!

Day 136:
Last Saturday evening we went to a Leukemia Awareness Fundraiser that Matt's boss organizes every year. Ryan got to experience his first taste of blue grass music and was super excited when he figured out he could clap while swinging. ;)

Day 137:
Last weekend we went to visit Matt's grandparents one last time on their blueberry farm before they move to a smaller home. We have so many memories at that house and farm and on that front porch! We will miss visiting them there!

Day 138:
Baby man boobs and crossed feet. :)

Day 139:
On Tuesday morning, we took a trip to the new Avalon development in Alpharetta where they had a kids' play area with characters and songs. Ryan got to meet Batman, play, eat... and when it was all said and done, he CRASHED. The bottom left picture was taken about two minutes after I put him in the stroller. Sweet boo. He transferred from the stroller to the car to the crib without waking up. I still can't believe it happened. Even his sweet little waving hand was exhausted. :)

Day 140:
Matt left work early on Wednesday of this week and surprised Ryan and Tally at the park. Tal's face pretty much sums up how they both felt when he showed up- haha!

Tomorrow morning we head out for a week at the beach with Matt's family. We can't wait!

Have a great weekend friends!



  1. Such fab photos! My eldest is officially wanting a dog like Tally now, I knew I should have closed this page before he used the internet :)

  2. That photo of Tally with the pacy is priceless. So funny!