Friday, May 15, 2015

May's Mid-Month Confessions

We're baaack! It's time for another round of Mid-Month Confessions. If you're new to this link-up, each month Elizabeth and I share our confessions from the month and encourage you all to do the same. Sounds a little crazy but we see it as a way to take the pressure off and laugh at our less-than-perfect moments from the last 30 days and/or throw out a thing or two that's been weighing on our minds. And we usually get a good laugh out of reading what y'all write so that's always a bonus. ;)

You can read mine below, check out Elizabeth's here, and link-up your own at the bottom of this post! Remember, you only have to add your link one time and it will show up on both Elizabeth's and my blog. If you don't have a blog but want to get a confession off your chest (or make us feel better about ours ;) ) feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below our posts!

Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Core Ice Cream

I shared this new addiction in my April's Favorite Finds post. But what I didn't share was that I ate the entire pint in two sittings. The first night I showed impressive self-control (rare for me when we're talking about pasta or ice cream) and had maybe an 1/8 of the container. Which means the second night was an intense session of ice cream binging. I'll blame in on the fact that we were watching Scandal and I lost all track of how many bites I had eaten. This is why you don't eat ice cream out of the carton.

I think I've addressed on here at least once that I have a few- for lack of a better word- anal tendencies. I like my labels in my fridge and pantry facing out. I like my k-cups all facing the same direction in their little drawer. I like for everything to have a place and don't like keeping things if they don't have a purpose or an often-enough use. I'm more likely to give something to Goodwill too soon than hold on to something for too long. But what I don't think I've shared is that I like straight lines. I like for things to be lined up, linear, straight, squared off if it fits with whatever I'm straightening. So this confession... which has turned into about 7 different confessions if you're new around here... this confession is really about our faucet.

I had it installed with the handle in front instead of on the side and always line up the faucet part so that it's directly in the center.

When our contractor was working on our house, he would intentionally angle the faucet on the side over one of the sinks because then he knew if I had come by the house or not (because the faucet would always be straightened if I had visited). HA! He didn't tell me this until he caught my straightening it mid-converstaion with him one day. I actually didn't even realize I did it until he pointed it out. 

So I think I'm a little nuts, but there are worse forms of nuttiness, right?!

We had a landscaper come out this month to quote us on some work that we'd like to have done in our yard (one of my May goals as a matter of fact) and because I had been texting back and forth with him and my mom on a few things, I accidentally mixed up my messages and sent this text to our landscaper:

"When you get a chance, can you send me your favorite picture of Ryan sticking his tongue out?! There were some really cute ones of you two!"

Thankfully I realized it soon after and was able to explain that Ryan is our son and the text was for my mom. Whoops!

And for your viewing pleasure, here's the picture I was referring to :)

Twice last week I tried to unlock our house door with the unlock button of my car keys and thought both times, "Why is this not working?!" 
Somebody get me an extra Starbucks or an extra couple hours of sleep please.

Justine joined us for Mid-Month confessions for the first time last month, and when I clicked over to read her post, I loved seeing her sweet bio. She wrote about having three girls (6, 4, and 2) and a baby boy and wrote that anytime someone comments on her hands being full, she replies, "Full hands, full heart!" This just got me. Yes, I am gooshy and emotional, but if I'm honest, the thought of 4+ kids sounds insanely amazing. Who knows where the Lord will lead us, but a big family sounds pretty crazy fun.

That's all for this month! Now I want to hear what YOU have to share! Link up your Mid-Month Confession posts below, or, if you don't have a blog, leave your confession(s) in a comment below this post. We'd also love for you to paste this button somewhere in your post- just copy and paste the HTML into your post. Just the button will show and clicking it will link back to each of our blogs.


Thanks friends! Hope you guys have a great weekend! We're heading to a new park Saturday morning, a fundraiser dinner and silent auction Saturday evening, and going to my parents' house and Matt's grandparents house in Monroe and Social Circle on Sunday afternoon. It should be a good-kind-of-busy weekend. :)



  1. I'm with you on the straight lines and labels. I am the SAME way!
    Too funny about the car key button trying to open the door. :)

  2. Heather!!! You are SO sweet!! I REALLY appreciate the kind things you said!!! :) And you are right...four crazy kids is insanely amazing!! :) Definitely my dream come true!! Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  3. Question: Does the B & J ice cream come in a huge carton? Because if so, I am going to get at least 2 to get me through the weekend just because it looks insanely delish!!! Eek I can't wait to try it!! You and the faucet and labels is too funny--a girl after my own heart! I am the exact same way about pretty much everything...even my pillows tehehe. So glad I'm not the only one. I hope y'all have the best weekend :)

    1. It doesn't! But maybe if it did I wouldn't eat it out of the carton?!

  4. I also straighten the faucet. It just looks better that way!

  5. I love these and can TOTALLY relate to #2! Fun times, as always!
    (P.S. Definitely pumping in a glorified closet at work as I write this.)

  6. I'm so excited to try that Ben & Jerry's flavor! I have a feeling I will have a similar confession next month ;) - I'm not sure where I'm supposed to link up but here are my May confessions.