Monday, May 4, 2015

May Goals

At this very minute we are hopefully listening to the waves crash on the beach in Turks & Caicos, splashing in the pool with Ryan, or bike riding through the town. Whatever we're doing, we're glad we're there and I can't wait to share details from our trip when we get back!

Before getting to my goals for May, here's a look at how I did with my
Read and review For the Right Reasons
I loved this book a lot more than I thought I would (no offense, Sean) and shared all about it here. If you missed out on the giveaway and would like to order a copy for yourself, you can do that here.

I really really wanted to like this book. Any time a book is recommended to me, I feel this inner pressure and hope to love it as much as the person who recommend it. But I just couldn't make it happen with this one. Wah wah.

Organize our linen closet
I love a good organized linen closet (and panty and refrigerator and dresser drawer and junk drawer), so I'm happy to say that I got ours back in its organized state. Which really makes me breathe easier- it's that bad.

Clean out our closet/make a Goodwill run
Ahhh, yes. Even seeing this written out and knowing it's done is just so refreshing. I love a good spring cleaning.

Go on a cooking class date
Well I got a little ambitious this month and didn't realize when I wrote this goal that we actually didn't have an open weekend night. And cooking class dates are so much more fun on the weekend in my head. So we postponed this goal for now, but did get out for a quick dinner date last week!

Clean yard/update landscaping for spring
We did this last week! The yard is all cleaned up and looking nice. We even got a landscaper to come out and give some ideas for where to go next, so hopefully I'll have more updates on that next month.

Schedule Tally for Therapy Dog Certification
Remember when I said, "I really think he's ready for the test now?" Well we started the process and went to the orientation and worked with him this past month, but I just don't think he's ready quite yet. This new growling at dogs whenever we have Ryan with us is something we need to figure out before we move forward. We're going to keep working with him and will hopefully get him ready for one of the tests this summer. Oh Tal.

Do Jillian Michaels Level 3- 3x's/week
Well my allergies were kicking my butt at the start of this month so I only managed for get two of these in each week for the first three weeks, but then I made up for it and did 6 workouts in the last week, which also kicked my butt. That Jillian. She's legit.

Whew, those were long.

Here are my {shorter} list of

Plan Ryan's 1st Birthday
I might cry. I can't even believe this is a legitimate goal for this month. My baby is growing up!

I have heard so much about this author and this book recently and can't wait to read it.

Make a plan for future house updates
There are a few final things that we are considering doing to this house before we are officially DONE renovating it. This month, we want to really talk through those things and figure out if and when we'll complete them.

Shop for summer clothes
It may seem strange to have this as a goal, but I am not a normal girl. I don't love shopping. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. But I am definitely in need on some new summer attire, so this month, I want to attempt a trip to the outlets or to some of my favorite stores and see if I can find some new things. I'm thinking maybe Memorial Day weekend so I can shop the sales? We'll see. And if I find anything worth sharing on here, I'll be sure to post what I find.

Enjoy vacation without over-photographing the memories
We have two trips coming up this month- one that we're on now and one at the end. I LOVE taking pictures and documenting our travel, especially now that so many things are a "first" for Ryan. But I really want to be intentional about being present in the moment as much as possible instead of behind the camera trying to capture each and every moment.

That's it for this month! 

And while I'm definitely working on that #5 goal, I will be posting one picture each day from our trip that we're on right now. So if you want to follow along, you can find us @hmnelsen on Instagram.

Have a great week, friends!



  1. I hope you all are enjoying your vacation. Good luck with your goals this month. I just posted mine today as well.

  2. Hi! Just started following you - from Elizabeth's blog, actually!
    You're beautiful - and so is your son and family.
    Sad you didn't love Eleanor and Park; however, I do think a lot of it a based on a reader's upbringing and family-life -- it's all about whether you can relate to it!