Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#nelsendays2015 Weeks 17&18

Another two weeks of 2015 are in the books! Here's a look at how we spent them:

Day 113:
This sweet pup turned two! And of course I dedicated a post to him on his birthday. We love our sweet Tal!

Day 114:
Earning their keep with some post-dinner chores. ;)

Day 115:
First trip to the library- kind of a big deal for this teacher-mama. :)

Day 116:
First trip to Menchie's for some frozen yogurt! He was a big fan. So much so that I moved him over to Matt's lap so that I could get a few bites too!

Day 117:
This buddy has become quite the accomplice during mealtime. He loves sharing his food with Tally, who equally appreciates the sharing since he's never been fed table food prior to Ryan giving it to him. Ryan now knows that he's not really supposed to give it to Tally so he does this "sneaky" move where he quickly tosses it over while he's looking right at me. It's pretty hilarious.

Day 118:
Date night with my love! We tried out a new Mexican restaurant up the street from our house. There was a nice outside eating area and the food was delicious! We were so thankful to my sweet mama for letting us get away just the two of us. :)

Day 119:
9 month checkup! This buddy had so much fun playing with that paper that is meant for the little babies to lay on. He shook it up and down for at least 15 minutes. It was hilarious!

Day 120:
Ryan and I went to visit my former students and teacher friends where I used to work and enjoyed a lunch in the teacher's lounge. It was a very nostalgic moment for me seeing my baby eating at the table where I ate lunch for 7 years. I couldn't really put it into words, but I just felt so thankful having him there and knowing that he was mine.

Day 121:
The rose bush in our front yard had bloomed so full, so I was teaching Ryan how to smell the flowers, but of course he was more interested in trying to pull off all the petals. ;)

Day 122:
This sweet moment lasted for 20 minutes. ;) He is a cat napper like his mama. Once he woke up, he was ready to PLAY!

Day 123:
Our first morning- Ryan was in heaven when he saw the spread that was brought out for breakfast!
Beach walking and waving with daddy :)

Day 125:
If he could talk, he would say, "This tub is HUGE!" He loved loved loved the pool!

Day 126:
This little go-getter woke up at 5:15 one morning, so we went for a sunrise stroll around the property. Although it was earlier than I was planning for, the sunrise on the beach was beautiful!

Day 127:
A little morning rock exploration with my boo. It's so fun watching him see things for first time. There's so much that I overlook that is fascinating to him. It's fun to pause and see things the way he seems them. :)

I'll be back Friday to share my Mid-Month Confessions! I hope you'll join me and E in Friday's link-up with some confessions of your own!

See you then!


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