Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quick, Easy & Light Chicken Fried Rice

Yesterday, I shared my ten favorite products to buy at Trader Joe's. Today, I'm sharing one of our new favorite recipes using one of those ten products.

I think I've said this before on here, but we have a scale that we rate new meals on that goes like this:
1- It's just okay- not worth making again
2- Like it for something different, but not quite good enough for the rotation
3- This meal is the bomb- add it to the rotation

The first time I made this, Matt said he would eat it once a week. And considering it was so easy to make, it's a win-win for both of us! I love meals like this that are quick, easy, and different from our regular meals (i.e. pasta, chicken, pasta...). And this version is a lot lighter than most fried rice recipes, so hopefully you'll like it too!

Trader Joe's Japanese Style Fried Rice (looks like this)
4T olive oil, divided
4T soy sauce, divided
2 chicken breasts, chunked
2 eggs
Green onion, garnish (optional)

Heat 2T olive oil in skillet. Add chicken and cook for 3 minutes on one side. Add 2T soy sauce, flip chicken, and add two eggs (make sure you break the yoke in the skillet). Cook for 3 more minutes on medium heat, moving around the chicken and egg as it cooks. You want the chicken to be almost cooked through.

Add remaining oil and sauce and empty contents of fried rice package. Cook for 4-5 more minutes, stirring frequently.

Garnish with green onions.


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