Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten on the 10th: Favorite Trader Joe's Products

I feel like Trader Joe's in one of those stores that you need someone else to walk you through the first time or two and share what their favorite things are. My sister and I have done this together and that's where a few of the items on this list actually came from. 

If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, I really hate that for ya. If you do, check out some of these items the next time you go. They are my go-to items right now, but I know there is still so much more I need to try!

I'm trying to buy a lot more there now, knowing that the ingredients in their foods are a lot better than some of the other foods I buy at other grocery stores. This list was hard to narrow down, but these are my top 10 faves (in no particular order) as of today:

Unexpected Cheddar Cheese

Cheese and crackers are a staple in our family. We looove some cheese and crackers as an appetizer before dinner. I could actually make an entire meal out of cheese and crackers. This cheese is so yum. A bit crumbly when you cut it, but I love the flavor.

You know what goes really well with that cheese and crackers appetizer? Wine. Our family loves a glass of wine before dinner. My mom calls it her "prep" wine- the glass she drinks while she's preparing the meal. That's where I get it from- having a glass of wine while I'm cooking dinner is kind of my thing. I'd rather have wine while I'm cooking than with the actual meal. But I'm not opposed to having it with the meal as well. ;) 

Trader Joes carries the Charles Shaw brand that runs $2.99 bottle and also has a great variety of other wines for really reasonable prices.

Fig Butter
Ever since I found this recipe, this Fig Butter has been a staple in our house. I've also used it in my banana bread recipe and it was SO good! Love this stuff.

Organic Brown Rice

This rice heats in the microwave for three minutes and is done. That's it! And it tastes so light and fluffy like you cooked it in a rice cooker. We also love their Jasmine Rice- the white rice version. So easy and delicious!

Arancini Bites
Man I love a good appetizer. And these are so good. I cook them longer than the instructions on the back, which I never do, what the cheese should be oozing out a little bit before you take them out. If the cheese doesn't melt on the inside, they're not nearly as good. I usually make these as an appetizer when I'm making a vodka sauce or marinara sauce and then use the sauce for dipping.

Pastry Bites
These are SO good. I shared these before in my 5 easy appetizers post but they need to be shared again. You literally plop them on a cookie sheet and stick them in the oven and wait for them to heat up. They are so tasty and look homemade.

I don't really know why Trader Joe's edamame is better than any other kind I've tried, but it is. I love eating this as a healthier snack option. And Ryan already loves them too!

Tomato Soup
I unfortunately started looking at the ingredients on soup cans and realized I didn't know half of them. THIS soup though tastes just as delicious as the Campbell's tomato bisque that I used to buy and has ingredients that I can read. And it's $2 for the big box!

Tilapia Fillets
I buy these and/or their Cod Fillets for the fish taco recipe I make for us. Both are great, they just don't always have both in stock.

Japanese Style Fried Rice
My sister introduced me to this yumminess. I was hesitant at first (Tofu? No thank you.) but trust me, it is GOOD! I actually ended up making a really easy chicken friend rice meal using this bag. I'll be sharing that recipe later this week, but let me just say that Matt requested it be added to the rotation. Which I'm pretty sure means he has no idea there was tofu in it. :)

A few other favorites that nearly made this list are their Mandarin Orang Chicken, all of their spices (so inexpensive!), their balsamic vinegar and balsamic glaze, their tricolor frozen peppers that I use in so many recipes instead of chopping my own, their cereal bars and oatmeal, and I'm sure so many other things I'm forgetting we buy!

So I know you have your favorite things from there. What am I missing out on?! Leave a comment below and tell me what you love so we can give it a try too!

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  1. LOVE all of these (well except the fish because we don't like seafood!) - but their balsamic glaze is my go-to!!

  2. You should try the frozen bake-at-home chocolate croissants....so so good!

    1. Nice! I feel like those would make for a fun and different (and easy!) dessert when company is over. Thanks!

  3. My number 1 is their fabulous cookie butter that I use for a treat. Other top picks for my hubby is their roasted red pepper soup (similar to the tomato that you have pictured), their ginger snaps and their pop corn. Thanks for your suggestions above. I'm gonna give them a try.

  4. I second the croissant comment! Both the almond and the chocolate croissants are amazing!! They have become our Sunday morning treat :)