Friday, February 13, 2015

#nelsendays2015 weeks 5 & 6

These past two weeks have brought on more changes in development for Ryan than I have seen in his whole little life. He's gone from first getting up all all fours to scooting across the floor (inch-worm style or moving both knees in at the same time... he hasn't quite figured out the every other leg/arm routine quite yet, but it's so cute watching him try!) We've stayed pretty busy and have tried to stay warm. We are SO ready for Winter to be GONE! Here's a peek at our past two weeks:

Day 29: 
This sweet buddy gets so determined but accidentally pushes himself backwards instead of forwards! Since this picture, he has pushed up on his hands and knees and started to rock. We know it's only a matter of time before he'll be moving around the house. It's hard to believe we're at this stage already!

Day 30: 
Our pediatrician spoke at MOPs and casually mentioned three simple tips about foods that are okay for our kids to eat- he said: "If you shop around the perimeter of the store and leave the middle isles alone, you're good. If it's got one ingredient, you're good. If it's not wrapped in cardboard or plastic, you're good." 

How simple yet genius are those ideas?! 

So on this day, Ryan and I shopped around the perimeter of the store and loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies. 

Looking at this now, I can say he tried and loved the peach, blueberries, zucchini, yellow sqash (he like it better roasted in balsamic), butternut squash (roasted with cinnamon), avocado (mixed with sweet potato- he doesn't love it by itself), tomato, cantaloupe, and his new favorite- strawberries. 

It probably would have been easier to say the only things he hasn't tried yet are the green beans, brussel sprouts, salmon, and spinach. 

But this shopping-around-the-perimter is also helping with one of my February goals, so it's a win for the baby and for us!

Day 31:
Matt and Ryan actually made the @sollybabywrap video on Instagram this week! So they're kinda famous. ;) Love this little boo in his hat from his Nonna!

Day 32:
Buds.. playing with their toys while mama makes dinner. :)

Day 33:
Remember the fiasco with my laptop that I shared in last month's Confessions post? Well thank goodness the people at the Apple store were able to help me get all of the information off of my hard drive and onto my new computer. I got lucky, but consider this a PSA to back up your files often! I was terrible at doing it and would have lost a lot if they weren't able to recover it for me. And as an added bonus, Nonna came to meet us at the mall when we finished! We love mall dates with Nonna!

Day 34:
This boo loves him some food and loves plain tomatoes. Right before I took this pic he was trying to get the spoon with sweet potato and edamame in his mouth while the tomato was blocking the way. hahah- the boy loves to eat.

Day 35:
Quite fitting after that last picture was his weigh in at his 6 month appointment- 19lbs! I love the look on his face in the picture- like he's a little embarrassed by the news. ;)

Day 36:
Our meal was so messy this night that we transferred the bumbo straight to the tub after it was over. Y'all will probably not believe this, but this was Ryan's first time NOT taking a bath in the sink tub (that I'm pretty sure is intended for newborns?! I wrote about it as one of my favorite products when Ryan was 1 month). Even though he's so big, he's always been so relaxed during his baths so it didn't really matter that he outgrew it because he always folded his little legs and just chilled while we bath him. Ironically though, a few of you commented on Instagram about how your bumbo floated when you tried this, so apparently Ryan is too heavy for that to heavy... which makes the fact that we had still been bathing him in the little sink tub even funnier.

Day 37: 
Girl's Night now looks like this- comfies, pizza, brownies, and ice-cream :)

Day 38:
Celebrating Baby Ryder and his mama! Love weekends with my college roommates. Wish they happened more than a few times a year, but we'll take what we can get!

Day 39:
Ryan's first selfie. ;)

Day 40:
Look at this happy, snuggly boo. The weather for our walk was COLD!

Day 41:
Stealing sweet snuggles with Tal while Ryan was napping. Love this pup.

Day 42:
Ryan was all about his cousin Riley on our playdate this week! She's not quite aware of him yet, but it's going to be so super cute when she is!



  1. We put Caleb in his Bumbo for his baths now too since he started eating and as we have noticed over the last couple of months - our boys are very similar. Caleb's Bumbo does not float. :) Happy-full-belly-boys for the win!