Wednesday, February 4, 2015

6 MONTHS! ...and thoughts on having a baby who does {not} sleep through the night

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Ryan turned six month one week ago today, and he keeps getting more and more fun with each passing day. I feel like this last week has been a big one, so I'm going to "count" it as part of his 6 month post since everything is fresh on my mind. 

Turning over to his tummy!
This buddy is about as content as they come, which we love! BUT, since flipping over in his sleep was waking him up, I was SO excited for him (and for me) ;) when he learned how to flip back over to his tummy. The sweet thing about this is that he doesn't cry now when it happens during his naps or in the middle of the night because he knows he can get back to his tummy on his own.

Getting up on all fours, scooting and rocking
This is crazy! I feel like it just came out of nowhere one day- actually on his 6 month birthday. We were at my sister-in-law's house and Ryan scooted himself off of the playmate and all around the hard wood floors. And then just yesterday, at my friend Andrea's house (apparently we need to continue getting out as his milestones seem to be happening other places than home!), he pulled his knees under him and started rocking back and forth. I know it's only a matter of time before he's on the move!

Laughing more often and for longer stretches
This one has always cracked us up because his pictures look like he laughs all the time. Which maybe he is on the inside, but they've pretty much been silent up until this point. ;) I was able to record a sweet moment of Tally making him laugh when he was chewing on his bone:

Making Talking Sounds

Dancing :)

Eating, eating, and more eating
This boy hasn't met a food he doesn't like. He cracks us up with the noises he makes as he brings food to his mouth. Any time I try to feed him with the spoon, he just takes it out of my hand, so usually our dinnertime meal is spent with him next to me in the bumbo feeding himself while I'm chopping and preparing dinner. Works for me! His current favorite foods are: sweet potato, roasted zucchini with balsamic, tomato, apple, watermelon, and canteloupe.

Bringing his toes to his mouth:


As I mentioned, the flipping to his back has helped this sweet boo out a ton with his nighttime sleeping. He does not sleep through the night, but I know he is close to being able to do this on his own. This month was really big for me on being okay with his sleeping habits. Once I was honest with myself, I realized the real reason I was wanting him to sleep through the night was so that I could say he was when other people asked. Honestly, getting up to feed him and sleeping in his rocker while he eats is not a big deal at all to me. I know he's going to sleep through the night one night and I'll probably wake up that next morning with a mix of excitement and sadness over the end of a season. Mostly I've learned that I have to do what feels right to me as a parent, and right now, that's responding to my little guy when he cries for me in the middle of the night. He's never been one to hold off with a paci when what he really wants is food, and I realized in the nights that I did try to give him a paci, or rock him, or let him work it out some before going in to his room, those were the mornings and days where I felt so tired. So for now, I've learned to be content with the fact that this is where he is right now and embrace the time that I have with him in the night while it lasts.

On that note, if you're in the same boat and needing a little encouragement about your little one's sleeping habits, this article brought me to tears and spoke straight to my heart: The WIO (Wait it Out) Method of Sleep Training
You can also read the writer's explanation of the WIO method here. I wish I had read these the first week we brought Ryan home!
Lastly, this article from Babycenter talks about the various ages that babies are ready for night weaning- every baby is unique, even if they're treated the same way from birth, so don't be discouraged if you're feeling more needed right now than maybe you want to be. These seasons are so short in the long run!

Here's a look at some other moments from this past month:

Ready for our Charleston Trip!

Sweet buddy got his first real cold this month. Poor guy was extra snuggly and took his naps in just a diaper and a light blanket to help regulate his body temp.

Sweet boo on the mend

My sister's boys were at our house the first time Ryan successfully got his toes to his mouth. Noah was helping him get them all the way in and then Ryan did it by himself!

He loves his singing/talking puppy...

...and wiggling in his crib while I read!

He's become more and more aware of Tally this month, and Tally seems to get that Ryan is getting bigger too and pretty much doesn't leave his side:

We love playdates with Reynolds!

And mall dates with Nonna!

And hikes with our little fam :)

After bath one night, Matt gave Ryan his first mohawk ;)

Snuggles with Ryan and sweet baby Riley! Can't wait for these two to grow up together.

nom nom nom- watermelon and apple :) And yeah, I totally failed on the bib-prep for this meal.

Smart pup :) 
...and don't worry mom and Mimi, I was right back by the counter after this pic! ;)

Bath time with his cousins!

He still loves the mirror :)

This was after I picked him up from the MOPs nursery the first time. Dropping him off was HARD!

6 month birthday outfit :)

and the pantless/vestless version- clearly his preference :)

Dates to Remember:
January 5th- Got toes all the way to his mouth
January 11th- Started Solids
January 12th- Seemed to wave at Tally in the morning and then again at Andrea in the afternoon
January 22nd- Rolled from back to tummy three times in his crib



  1. He is the sweetest baby! And the picture of him eating the tomato is hilarious. Go big or go home.

  2. love this, he is so precious! and i feel the same way about night wakings little girl is just so close to being able to make it through with just one late night feeding, she has been going from 2am-8am the past few nights (even the teething nights!), and i feel like i am going to be a bit sad when she doesn't wake up at 2am anymore. you are a lucky lady that he flips on his own now! we are waiting for our stubborn one to flip and are predicting much happiness when it happens (for all of us).

  3. this post is filled with SO much joy! I love all the videos!! so neat that you're capturing all of ryan's firsts and all those special milestones and memories! he is ADORABLE!! i love that he loves food so much (so does piper haha)! go ryan!! it's so neat he's taking to tally more and more. i love seeing the interaction between animals and babes!
    it's wonderful you're embracing the long nights. i know it can make you feel like a zombie sometimes, but at the same time, they are some of the sweetest, most cherished moments! piper didn't sleep through the night until after she turned one...maybe 13 or so months. i admit, i never could picture her sleeping through the night. hahaha. it was her darn teeth that kept coming and coming.
    ryan's two bottom teeth - too cute!!
    you're an amazing mama, heather! your photos warm my heart!

  4. Love the tomato pic! Amen on trusting your gut and listening to your baby instead of comparing or thinking we should say they are doing this one thing. I have struggled with that a lot myself on so many things. It can be tough to think about the positives, but I try to embrace those instead of just thinking about being a zombie.