Monday, January 26, 2015

Winterfest Weekend in Monroe

This weekend, we traveled down to my parents' house for the Monroe Winterfest with my sister and her boys. We were there for a little less than 24 hours but crammed in a whole lot of fun on our short visit! Thankfully my sister brought her real camera and snapped all of these great pics. I think I need one of next month's goals to be remembering to use my real camera instead of always relying on my phone.

Noah and Maddox had no shame getting out and dancing to the DJ's music!

Ryan loves his Nonna!

...and his Aunt Gretchen!

Little buddy had quite an audience for his dinner and he loved it. 

Noah and Maddox wanted to take a bubble bath with Ryan so we stood really close and let them do it. In this pic poor Maddox just got smacked in the eye by Ryan's soapy hand!

Noah wanted to give Ryan the bottle and the sweet boo passed out in his arms. After he was finished, Noah asked if he could just snuggle with him for awhile before we took him to his crib to sleep. You better believe we said yes to that!

Also on our visit, we stopped off and said hello to Cindy- our favorite waitress at our favorite Mexican restaurant. You know you love Mexican when you have a favorite waitress who calls herself your son's aunt. Ryan was all smiles for his "Aunt Cindy!"

I have a full week of posts coming up this week now that I'm back working on my mac. The jury's still out on the whether the hard drive from my old laptop is recoverable or not, but I thankfully had most of the files and pictures backed up. And you better believe I'll be more intentional about remembering to back this one up more consistently!

Tomorrow I'll be back to share one of our favorite dinner recipes that looks fancy but is super easy. Here's a sneak peek:

See you then!


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