Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recent Meals... 5+ recipes included

With the holidays and our trip to Charleston last week, we haven't really had a normal week of eating in a while, so I decided I'd share a few of our recent meals in case of you are like me and looking for some new ideas to vary your dinners in the new year.

First of all, y'all seemed to be just as excited as I was about this new recipe that my friend Meagan shared with me. If we ate them again tonight, it would not be too soon.

If it seems like I've posted this recipe a lot lately, it's because we've eaten it a lot lately. It's just SO good! And so easy. And invovles the crock pot. So win, win, win.

Matt loves this meal. It's got meat, pasta, cheese, a little kick from the rotel, a little crunch from the corn... it's pretty delish. You can make it as a skillet meal, or layer it and bake it in the oven if you're wanting to prepare it ahead of time. It's our favorite "fancy" mac & cheese dish around here.

Another meal I could eat once a week is this delicious recipe from Mix & Match Mama.

One thing I will say is to make sure that the meat is completely covered in the crock pot so that it pulls apart easily after it's cooked. Also, I like to use soft shell tacos (just personal preference) and chicken stock instead of water to add more flavor to the meat. And then I top off the tacos with this yumminess:
Mmm... seriously so good.

Tonight I'm making this meal. It happens to be the most popular recipe I've ever shared, so if you haven't tried it yet, you should. It takes a little more prep work than some of the other recipes I've shared, but the taste is worth it. And it's pretty, so a fun option to try for guests too. :)

Okay, so now, I'd really love to know if you guys have any go-to crock pot recipes you can share with me? I'm over the taco soup/chili recipes for now. But would be open to trying anything else you guys are loving! I don't care if it looks appetizing or not. Sometimes the best meals are the ones that don't plate well (like this one... the picture kind of grosses me out, but it tastes so good!).

Thanks, friends! 
Stay warm today!


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  1. So you are a cook extraordinaire compared to me, but I have a tasty recipe that my husband absolutely loves that we make in the crock pot. We call it Hobo Chicken. Take 3-4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts and pop them in the crock pot. Cover with 1 can Cream of Chicken and 1 can Cream of Mushroom. Add 1 can's worth of milk, set it and forget it! :) Boil some potatoes or white rice on the side and serve for dinner! :) If you try it out, let me know how you guys like it. Ryan loves it!