Monday, January 12, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions Coming on Thursday!

Just a quick reminder to save the date for the first Mid-Month Confessions Blog Hop on Thursday, January 15th!
Simply write your own blog post sharing your “less than perfect” moments from the last month and then share your link on here or at Teaching Sam & Scout that morning.  (Link-up will go live about 8AM on both blogs.) This is a perfect opportunity to meet some virtual friends who also have messy houses, dirty clothes, and an ability to laugh at themselves despite it all.  (Don’t have a blog? You can still participate by sharing your confessions in the comments!)

Here’s a cute little button (designed by the wonderful Tricia Nae) you can use in your post if you want. (To grab it, just copy the code below the image and paste it into the html of your blog post. Only the image will show up in your post, and it will link directly back to the Mid-Month Confessions posts on my blog!
Also, if you missed it, I shared an interview with Elizabeth late Friday afternoon that you can check out here (and she shared one with me here), and on Saturday I posted a list of Top Ten Children's Books for The Earliest Readers that you can check out here. I've loved reading your suggestions in the comments of that post and on Facebook! It sounds like there are a number of new books we need to read. Thanks for the ideas!

Can't wait to link up with everyone on Thursday. My one piece of advice for the confessions is to not over-think it. Your post can be two sentences long and might be just what us other mama's and working women need to hear! The idea is just to put it out there and not worry about being perfect. See you then!

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