Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last Week's Meals (7 Recipes Included)

If I were still teaching, I would be giddy today. There's snow on the ground and schools are closed! But even not teaching, I love a good excuse to cozy up and stay inside for a whole day. :)

Here's a look what we ate last week- hopefully you'll find a recipe or two that's worth making for your own family this week!

Publix Steak Kabobs
Have you ever shopped the pre-made and ready-to-cook section at Publix? They have great meals that are prepped and ready for cooking (haha, hence the name), so the hard part is done for you, but the food still tastes fresh because you're cooking it at home. You can follow this link, enter your zip code, and see what's available at the store nearest you.

Last week, I got two of their steak kabobs marinated in a merlot wine. I cooked them on broil in the oven, about 7 minutes on each side. They are SO good and so easy!

I served them with my new favorite homemade mac & cheese and new favorite veggie- creamed spinach.

We also love their stuffed peppers- if fact, I might need to make these again soon. :)

If it seems like I make this recipe a lot, it's because- I make this recipe a lot. I buy my pork tenderloin at Costco where 4 tenderloins come in a package. Out of the those four tenderloins, I would say at least half of them end up being used for this recipe. I love a meal that can be prepared in less than 5 minutes and look and taste like it took way longer.

Because after two nights of meat for Matt, it's only fair that I make a homemade sauce and pasta for me. ;) Matt does love this sauce too though- I usually serve his with a piece of marinated chicken, or, even easier, fresh shrimp from Publix. I though just eat a plate full of the pasta with lots and lots of locatelli parmesan. :)

This recipe is one of our go-to comfort foods. Sometimes I serve it over bread, other times we just eat it by itself. I promise, this recipe tastes nothing like your elementary school cafeteria's version. And there are THREE ingredients (four if you want the onions). I included measurements in the recipe link, but I never measure this- just toss in ketchup and brown sugar until it tastes good to you. So quick, so easy, and so YUM.

Last week was pretty much a repeat of all of our current favorite meals- so our course this one was a part of the mix!

Another comfort food that's easy to make. And now I serve it over Trader Joe's 3-Minute Jasmine Rice or Brown Rice so it's even easier!

Baked Feta Steaks
I'm sharing this recipe tomorrow- it's my new favorite way to make steaks!

See you then!


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  1. I bought my crockpot last year thinking I'd use it all the time, and I've used it…..once! Haha I need to use it more. I'll have to try your ranch chicken!