Monday, February 16, 2015

February's Mid-Month Confessions

Well it's time for another Mid-Month Confessions! Elizabeth and I loved reading your posts last month and look forward to reading what you have to share this month.

Remember, we want this to be a fun place for us to "air out our dirty laundry" and be able to laugh with one another about our less than perfect moments. We want it to be a place where we can connect with other bloggers and put our non-highlight reel out there so that we can all feel a little bit better about ourselves. :)

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-I have two coffee confessions this month. One is that I strongly prefer for all the k-cups in my little k-cup drawer to all face the same direction, and if someone else reloads the drawer with new k-cups and doesn't turn them all the same direction, I feel a lot thrown off when I open it and proceed to straightening them immediately.

-My other coffee confession is that I don't let people watch me add sugar to my coffee. It's weird, because I'll gladly eat a Boston Cream doughnut in front of you (Confession within a confession: Dunkin Donuts is one of my love languages), or work my way through half a bag of tortilla chips dipped in my favorite cheese dip, but something about the amount of sugar I add to a single cup of coffee embarrasses me. So sometimes Matt intentionally tries to sneak a peek when I'm scooping my sugar just to get a reaction out of me. Yes, even he is not allowed to watch.

-Matt and I binge watched Parenthood until we caught up for the last two shows and watched them live. Now that it's over, we feel like we've lost touch with good friends. But that's not the confession. The confession is that since it ended we've started watching... Jeopardy. Nightly. We just got way too into the teacher tournament that ended Friday night. And when Alex (first name basis, see what I mean?) told the three contestants that he had never had so much fun with a group of players, Matt and  I cracked up that we had tuned in at just the right time and had hit Jeopardy at its peak.

-I'm honestly not sure if it's my mama hormones or just how soundly I'm sleeping at night from being so tired, but the other night, I was sweating so much in my sleep that Matt woke up, and not realizing that it was the middle of the night, asked if I had just hopped out of the shower. Gross.

-During one of our play dates at my sister-in-law's house this month, I told Jackson that I wanted to jump on the trampoline with him since Ryan was napping. His almost three-year-old self looked straight at my boobs and said, "Okay, but do you have somebody on your nipples?" Bahahahah- WHAT?! ...I held in my laugh and just said, "As a matter of fact, I don't, so I should be safe to jump with you."

Alright y'all, it's your turn!

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  1. Love these... I can TOTALLY relate to the first confession about OCD/ things facing all the same way. Jeff put away tons of his laundry yesterday (because I literally haven't done it in months and he finally grew weary) and I had to go back through and organize it so that all the hangers were facing the same way, the long sleeve and short sleeve were separated, etc. etc. etc. :) And... Obviously, the teachers were the coolest gang on Jeopardy! :)

  2. I am cracking up at sweet Jackson! hahaha. And I love it that you add an insane amount of creamer to your coffee. On the flip side I'm embarrassed at how little sugar I add to mine in the mornings haha. And OMG y'all watch Jeopardy! Love that show. So glad I'm not alone :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I laughed so loudly out loud just now at my desk while reading your confessions. My favorite is probably Jackson, but everything else made me giggle as well. It just remind me of Ryan and me so much. And I get the sugar thing, I'm not really sure I like coffee, but really sweetened coffee and milk. LOL. Thanks for another hilarious confessions post! :)

  4. One of my grand life ambitions is to be on Jeopardy. I haven't lately, but I used to watch it every day.

    1. haha oh I would be SO bad on that show! Wheel of Fortune is more up my alley I think. ;)