Friday, April 24, 2015

#nelsendays2015 Week 15 & 16 + a WINNER!

Another two weeks of 2015 are in the books.

Here's a look at how we spent them!

Day 99:
Ryan's first trip to the zoo! He enjoyed it more than I thought he would being as young as he is. I think he's gonna be an animal lover like his mama. :)

Day 100:
They each got new toys, but Ryan wanted Tally's because it squeaked. I'm so thankful Tally is not aggressive- especially when Ryan tries to take his toys!

Day 101: 
Our nephew Jackson turned three! We celebrated with dinner at his house. It's so fun to see the cousins together. These upcoming years are going to be tons of fun!

Day 102:
Ryan's and Reynolds' first Masters watching experience. They dressed the part, ate golf balls (straight out of the golf bag- whoops), and ended the night with a bath. These two have a lot of future Masters parties in their futures I think- minus one or two of these activities. ;)

Day 103:
Our cousin Rebecca came to visit for the day and we managed a picture (missing sweet Riley girl!) all snuggled up in Jackson's bed before his nap. Gah wouldn't a daily afternoon doze be amazing?! You just don't appreciate those enough as a kid.

Day 104:
This a what every post-meal time looks like in our house. Ryan goes for the extras in his bid while Tally goes for the extras on Ryan's lap. I see it as less to clean up and just let it go.

Day 105:
I got to spend some quality time with Andrea's kiddos while she ran to a doctor's appointment. While she was gone, I taught Reynolds how to make my "hey!" face. ;)

Day 106:
Our new front door was installed last week. Thankfully it was in the middle of the work day so fewer people could see the "Danger Lead Hazard" tape they put up all around our front lawn and inside our house. Oh yes, and the installer wore a hazard suit and face mask. Ryan and I took Tally to his daycare and hung out in our bedroom and at our neighbor's house until it was finished. The process was a bit dramatic but the finished product looks great! I'll be sharing pictures of that and the shower door next week.

Day 107:
An afternoon with sweet baby Riley! Ryan was super excited about being around her- which translates into "tapping" her face and shaking her seat, so I was close by to catch his hands and hold her seat. ;)

Day 108:
Jackson's party at the airport park! That place was perfection for a little boy's birthday party. I can definitely see us having Ryan's part there is a few years! Jackson loved watching the planes go off and playing with all of his friends on the playground. It was just perfect!

And Ryan loved swinging on the swings with Papa. :)

Day 109:
The look Ryan gives when he's trying to be cool around a lady baby friend. Kidding. But really, I'm so crazy about this little standing up stud. :)

Day 110:
This was a picture that Karen took at Jackson's party (that's Matt's dad in case it wasn't super obvious by how much they look alike) but I used it this day to document RYAN'S FIRST WORD! Yes, this sweet boy, clear as day, said, "HI!" to Nonna when she walked in our house. I about died. He has said it two times since then but has yet to say it on cue. Anyway, I think it's so fitting that this boy who always has his left hand in the ready-to-wave position chose, "Hi!" as his first word. Love him.

Day 111:
My word. On an afternoon walk, we stumbled upon a working farm not far from our house. I was all excited when I saw the goats because Ryan has a few of books we've been reading lately with goats in them (and of course we always make the goat sound when we see one on a page), so I was excited to show him a real goat and see if they would make their sound. Well they didn't make a sound, but as they started to move toward us (and I'm talking they were moving sloooowly), Tally absolutely freaked out. Mind you, these goats were behind a fence. But apparently Tally felt like our lives were in grave danger and went completely beserk until I finally left Ryan in the stroller and pulled Tally to an isolated spot (not far from Ryan- don't freak out mom) where I could calm him down. And then I apologized to the people around us and the farm workers and we got gone real quick. Looks like our next visit to see the goats might have to be sans Tal.

Day 112:
Matt came home early from work on Wednesday of this week and we took Tally and Ryan on a hike. Ryan faced out in the BabyBjorn for the first time and LOVED it! He flapped his arms and legs and babbled the whole time. It was awesome.

And the winner of Sean's book For the Right Reasons is:

Congratulations, Ariane!



  1. I love Ryan's little baby wave!

  2. That little hand! I can just imagine the feeling of his first words, congrats mom and dad! Do you guys like the BabyBjorn? I just bought it for my sister in law who is expecting in July.