Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday night, Matt and I went to go see the movie Gravity. I'm not one for 3D movies, but we saw this one at Atlantic Station's Imax 3D theater, and it. was. good. I would say it's the type of movie you'll probably only want to watch once. It's 1.5 hours of intensity- like where you let out the air you've been holding in when the credits roll. If you can get a chance to see it in the theaters and in 3D- do it! 
The downside? For two people to see a movie in 3D, it costs $38!?!?!! 
Thankfully, we had gift cards from my students- not sure whether I could justify that much money on a movie. Yes, I'm aware I can be cheap- but really?!

Saturday morning, Matt left for the game in Clemson with his dad, and I went to see my nephew Noah's baseball game. He's on the American League this year, which is the harder team to make... and those 8 year olds are GOOD! It made me realize how fast he's growing up... I feel like just yesterday he was playing on the team with all of the kids who ran for every ball no matter where it was hit and covered their faces with their gloves in the outfield while spinning around in circles. He's still my sweet buddy though. :)

When I got home, Tally and I got ready for the game. He loved his outfit- as you can see from his model poses. ;)

Everything was set up for the perfect game- we were at home, we had an undefeated season, our quarterback was part of the Heisman Trophy conversations, it was a night game, a top five matchup...

...I had my new favorite ice-cream in hand at kickoff, ready to enjoy a sure-to-be back-and-forth offensive game...

And then we didn't show up to play. 

Florida State looked ridiculous. As in, ridiculously good. Jameis Winston made Tajh Boyd look like the freshman quarterback. Poor guy had a rough night on the field. When I wasn't yelling at the TV, I felt bad for him.

And either Tally knew his namesake or felt bad for his mama, because this is what he looked like for the entire game:

It was a sad night.

Thanks to all of the other top-10 upsets though, we only dropped to #9 in the BCS. But that loss is not one that's easy to get over quickly. Sigh.

Sunday morning, Matt played King David on stage for our 2nd Graders in UpStreet. It was a total impromptu performance (as in he was picked 30 seconds before the skit started), and he was hilarious! Our kiddos were quite entertained by "Mr. Matt's" acting skills. ;)

Since Matt got home at 3:45 in the morning, and since I was depressed from the devastating beat-down from the previous night, we took a long nap in the afternoon before small group that night.

When we got home from small group, we watched our new addiction:
Such a good show! Season 3 started a few weeks ago. If you liked 24, you will love this.

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Have a great week!



  1. There were some intense football games this weekend! I was glad Tech had a bye week :) I recently got hooked on Homeland - I love all the suspense!

  2. Brian and I went to see Gravity in 3d/imax a couple of Friday's ago (in the afternoon, before picking Matilda up from daycare!)... I'll take a date where I can get it! Ha! And TERRIBLE Clemson game. Poor Tajh, worst game of his career. Of course it had to be during the biggest game of the season. And yes, we are addicted to Homeland too... as well as Breaking Bad. We are behind in both of them, but get an episode in when we can.

  3. I was wondering how Gravity was, I haven't really been hearing a lot about it. I'm too cheap to go see it in 3D I guess because $38 is outrageous! Holy cow, I wouldn't have been able to justify it without gift cards either.

  4. Hey Heather! We both had an awful(football) weekend didn't we? Oh well, there's always next week! Have a wonderful rest of your week my friend!

  5. i can't take that sweet tally...ahhh, such a cutie!! he's getting so big! i've heard so many good things about talenti...and that flavor...ughhh, want it NOW!! you look great, gf! xoxox