Monday, October 14, 2013

Clemson Weekend!

Some weekends just go by way to fast. Especially ones that involve reunions with college roommates and their hubbies. I already can't wait to do it again next year!

Friday night, we stopped by the store and probably had a little too much fun picking up groceries.

Even the donuts are Clemson-y!

A. We're taking a posed picture in a grocery store.
B. Chris is literally RIDING by on a cart right as it is taken.
C. I don't even think he was trying to ruin the picture- that's just how he travelled through the store.
Conclusion- There's something about being back in a college town with all of your college roommates, shopping at a store that has Tiger paws EVERYWHERE that makes you act like your 12.

The instagram version

Morning porch time was a highlight of the trip.

And so was having this little guy with us! Our friends, Stephanie and Dustin, just adopted Finn a couple weeks ago- he is the sweetest little peanut! 

Our cousin, Abby, is a freshman at Clemson this year. She came and met us in the afternoon before the game. And, of course, we ate at Groucho's. 

Dustin. Baby bag and camera- bet he never pictured this look for himself. ;)

Matt making sure I don't die before the photo ops.

Makes me happy :)

Finn was waiting up for us when we got home- lil punkin'

While we were gone, Tally stayed with friends of ours who have three basset hounds. He apparently played hard (in the fireplace and with their toys) because he was wiped out when we picked him up!

He used to get in our fireplace all the time when we first got him- crazy pup!

He can't quite figure out why he doesn't fit the same way he used to in the car- yet he insists on laying on my lap.

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  1. What a fun reunion weekend!!! I love those kind of memories made and you look adorable in your striped dress by the way!

  2. Great pics Heather! I've never seen so much purple and orange in one place! LOL! Great win!! We here in Carolina DO know how to celebrate our teams!! Thanks for sharing...have wonderful week! ;-)