Thursday, October 17, 2013

Front Yard Makeover, Part 1

Before I get to the yard makeover, remember when I wrote about the most amazing weekend getaway we've ever spent? Well, look what Matt and I found in our email yesterday:

#1 resort in the U.S. and #11 in the world?!!! 
People. I don't care where you live. You have got to go to this place


Two weekends ago, my mom met me down at the Grower's Outlet in Loganville, GA to help me pick out plants for the front yard. And one hour later, I had 51 plants ready for purchase. (They counted. Okay, I did too.)

I wish I knew about this place sooner! You will never guess how much I spent on 51 plants. $400? $300? would think, right?! 

The total bill came to $171! Unbelievable. Seriously. If you live around the Atlanta area, you definitely need to check them out

I made a pit-stop by one of my weaknesses- I figured I was gonna be sweating in the yard all day and wouldn't want to stop to eat... so I justified who-know-how-many calories in one sitting. And oh man was it worth it- those new DD biscuits are deLISH! 

When I got home I laid everything out to see if I like it.

Plants in this sections:
Back: 3 Mock Orange (low-growing shrubs that bloom an orange flower)
Middle: 5 Encore azaleas- also low-growing shrubs that bloom an pinkish-orange flower
Front: purple pansies
Side: This plant:
A phlox that is a ground cover and blooms a light blue flower- the hope is for it to do this:

But for now, it will look like this (well, minus the containers):

This section has 3 Mock Orange in the back and three mums in the front...

...and then 2 more of the Phlox Blue and 3 plants in front that are ground covers. I also added three yellow snapdragons, but that will be in the finished product post tomorrow.

The left side of the house has 5 Japanese Boxwoods and 1 Gardenia that blooms pinkish orange flowers.

Tally and Hagen (our next door neighbor's dog) had a play date in the backyard while I worked. :)

Then Tally got out and tried to help.

My mom taught me the trick to move the hose to each plant after it's in the ground- that way each plant gets a little water as you go... rather than having to do a big watering session at the end. Genius!

After the paintporch, and now the landscaping, the front yard is looking SO much better!

Tomorrow, I show the finished product



  1. They will look amazing this time next year. I always give my plants a year before I get impatient! I love buying plants. : )

  2. Looks like it's going to look great!! What a fun project - definitely needed that DD to help fuel your hard work :)