Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend Highlights

Friday morning, we left for our 5th grade trip to Blue Ridge!

Saturday morning, this poor guy got a tape worm (again!) so we went to vet where they added insult to injury and told me he had to wear his cone for another WEEK because the incision wasn't completely healed. Surgery, tape worm, no doggy day care, and a cone around his neck... not the best couple of weeks for the little guy! 

Saturday morning, the painters also finished our house!!! I'll share all the before and after pics of the front and back stoop and paint later this week, but this is the color we went with:
Sherwin Williams Software 7074

The next Saturday morning stop was to sweet Ginna's house to get her ready for her freshman homecoming! I taught Ginna in third grade and work with her mom now. She is an absolute sweetheart! I loved getting to do her hair and makeup for her first high school dance. :)

Later that day, Matt and I went to the fair! As I mentioned in this post, we hadn't been just the two of us since we were in high school. It was so fun!

Sunday morning, we had our UpStreet Pajama Jam at our church! The kids had a BLAST! We gelled hair (Matt got a mohawk from one of our kids), played Headbanz, danced with glow sticks, told silly stories under a tent with flash lights, decorated pillow cases, and ate popcorn. And in case you couldn't tell, our friends Heidi and Chase rocked onesie pajamas, which was fantastic. It was such a fun and crazy morning!

When we got home from church, my family came over for a little birthday lunch, compliments of my sweet mama. She brought her Brunswick Stew and made fancy grilled cheese sandwiches and a delicious dessert! All of which I've been told I can share on here later this week- so those of you who asked about the Brunswick Stew recipe.. it's comin. ;) 

Can you see that dessert?! I'll share that too. Mmmm...Mmmm. My sister surprised me a Pyrex traveling carrier that I have been wanting for so long (you know you're getting old when kitchen supplies are a top priority on your wish list) and a yummy scented Fall candle, while my mom and Charles spoiled me with some shopping money for my favorite store.

Then last night, we had one last birthday celebration with Matt's family at one of my favorite spots: Maggiano's. I tried not to be bitter when I saw the contest winner featured on the menu. Some dreams die hard. However, we had a great time celebrating, and I especially had a great time getting sweet snuggles from Jackson! Karen and M & D (that would be Matt's parents... just go with it) surprised me with two fun gifts from my Ten on the 10th post!

Such sweet and fun gifts! 


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  1. Heather! You are just so adorable! I love maggianos too. How are you doing!!!????? I specifically came to find your blog because I was thinking about you!