Monday, August 1, 2011

Things we don't see and do in Atlanta

Mountains from the highway

Open land with white picket fences

Scenic overlooks

We've definitely never pulled over for a picture on 400.

Tractors driving on the road like cars

A lake in our backyard

The sun setting over the lake in our backyard

Scenic areas

Hiking trails with creeks

Beaver dams! 
Matt tried to find the beaver for me but he was hiding. :/

Massive fallen trees

Gorgeous views void of tall buildings and power lines

Boat docks

Canoe rides

Speed boat rides

Driving the boat with my focused look- my eyebrows are surely furrowed under my glasses

People "punting"- what?! A little tribal-looking but something I would like to try.

I think he looks quite good driving the boat- I could get used to this! :)

We love our city, but this was the absolute perfect getaway. Cashiers, NC is only three hours from Atlanta, and is the first place I have visited where I've thought, "I would love to have a second home, here". Not that we're in the market for one... but I could definitely get used to going up there multiple times a year. :) If you've never been, GO!

Know any other other quaint towns with lots to offer? If so, do share!!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a fun looking time! Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

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  2. It looks beautiful, so peaceful, and lots of fun!

  3. I really enjoyed all of your photos. It looks so serine and beautiful. I am now following you and would love a follow back over at