Saturday, August 6, 2011

A random, fun, and FREE night involving Keith Urban

Here's how it happened:

  • Matt called me at work and said, "Keith Urban's playing tonight and I wanted to know if you wanted to go with me?" . . .love him :)
  • I said yes, my calendar happens to be open, and I would love to go with you.
  • Matt searched for tickets on Craig's List, but didn't have much luck finding good seats at a good price.
  • We decided to just drive down there and see if we can find people selling tickets outside- if we ended up not being able to get tickets, we would go to a movie or putt-putting in Gwinnett since we don't have putt-putt courses near us, and we both happen to love some friendly competition. :)
  • Driving up there, we both craved Firehouse (promise this is relevant) and decided to try to find one close to the venue.
  • A mile from the venue, we found a Firehouse.
  • Inside, I saw a teacher from my school, Tami- quite random in my mind since our school was a good 20 miles away.
  • Turns out Tami and her friend lived in the area and were just given four tickets to the concert.
  • Also turns out that they weren't able to find two other people to give the extra tickets to.
  • Insert us, eating at the same place, and planning on scalping tickets at the venue. SCORE!
  • So Matt and I end up going to see Keith Urban, for FREE, with a teacher I work with and her friend- hence to the title of this post.

Tami and her friend, Robin

If you didn't believe that this was a last-minute plan, my sweater should convince you that I came straight from school. . . if only I thought about fashion BEFORE I arrived at a place.

I quote Matt: "Gotta love when a plan comes together".


  1. I agree with Matt. Looks like a fun night for you.

    I hope your Sunday is full of joy,

  2. Very FUN night! And what "luck" you guys had!

  3. That is so awesome how it worked out!! I saw Keith Urban a long time ago and he was great live!

  4. What a great story! I love it!!! And, there were three other "teacher friends" sitting across the venue from you... you just didn't know it.

  5. You lucky dog you! FREE! I have seen him twice and trying to drum up the money to see him when he comes back in a couple of weeks. He puts on an excellent show!

    Thank you for stopping by and participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.


  6. Hi there! So nice to virtually meet you! I am also a teacher. And a new follower of yours! :)

    I hope you'll come by to follow back. Thanks so much!

    Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun

  7. Haha looks like you had a awsome night out, and for free!!! as well..

    New follower from the Butterbottom Blog Hop!

    Keep up the good blog, really enjoyed reading some of the posts you made.

  8. I like your sweater!! I love going to concerts: It is so fun! We went to U2 Show lately and had so much fun!! It was a last minute show too
    Thanks for linking up to our Tuesday Hop!