Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekend Guests: Teague and Brooke

Teague and Brooke are friends of ours from college who got married this past May. You can read all about their wedding here. They live in Greenville now, and came down to spend the weekend with us! Friday night, we ate in and then walked up the street for some yogurt at our favorite yogurt place. Saturday, we went into Virginia Highlands for lunch and some shopping/meandering. Bliss! We tried this new place called
and it was DELICIOUS! I have a strong feeling these will be popping up all over the place very quickly.  It's an all-natural/organic burger joint that also sells hormone-free chicken and hot dogs. I happen to love hot dogs, and up until this past year, was really weird about admitting it, haha. Like, would crave a hot dog at a football game and eat it in the bathroom so no one would see me. Wow, I am so weird... and probably should have kept that fact to myself. BUT, I have a healthy approach to my love of hot dogs now (what an ironic sentence), and enjoyed every bit of the one I ordered Saturday. Anyway! Here's some pics from the afternoon:

This chocolate shop called Cacao had it's grand opening on Saturday- it was so cute!

 Teague testing out the peanut butter fudge. :)

Brooke and the chocolate fountain- yum!

We hung out most of Saturday and then went to a Mexican place up the street from our house called Cantina for dinner. It's in the breezeway of two big building (Matt actually used to work in one of them), so even on a hot summer night, you can sit outside and have a constant breeze blowing. So nice! 

That night, we hit up the braves game and watched the Braves take it in a 8-1 victory. Love getting to go see the Braves, especially when it's such a good game!

We're secretly plotting to get Teague and Brooke to come to Atlanta, but for now, we're glad they're only two hours away. :)


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  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! That restaurant and chocolate shop sound interesting...will have to check them out some time. :)

  3. Super fun blog! Love all the great pictures! Stopping by from Rich Faith Rising. Thanks for joining me...and looking forward to reading more. Blessings ~ jen